SB LIVE / Audigy sound card for VISTA best EAX support drives download

Innovation is the computer sound card concept to multimedia computers, the most popular sound card hardware, the previous news, let me have it微词small, innovative stop the development of that genius programmers Vista Audigy sound card driver, and This rumor also recently announced that programmers no longer sound drivers to make changes or upgrades, free Internet, there are power politics and the weak points, vista to the, SB LIVE / Audigy sound card for VISTA best EAX support Flooding Also moving to, what is? EAX » The environment is sound extensions (Environmental Audio Extensions). It is the essence of a reliance on Microsoft’s DirectSound3D open API, anyone can use this interface to develop, or in their own hardware and software products to add to the EAX support.

Driver support Vista 32-bit / 64 operating system, support EAX audio environments, support for all EMU10K2 DSP based on the Audigy sound card, including the Audigy, Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS, Audigy 4, Audigy 2 ZS Notebook (PCMCIA).

Installation components are as follows:
— Audigy series driver 2.15.0004 (the latest X-Fi Driver Laws come)

— APO Interface Module 1.30.00

— Audio Console 1.20.57 (including graphic EQ)

— EAX Settings 1.10.05

— MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.76 (only support 32-bit environment)

— SoundFont Bank Manager 3.20.20

— Speaker Settings 2.00.60

  Support the drive by the official did not contain features are as follows:

— Equalizer

— CMSS and stereo surround

— High EQ adjustment and FX

— Dolby Dolby / DTS decoder

— DVD Audio (only 32)

— Wave table MIDI hardware (including 2 Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb SoundFont sound library)

— 4 GB of memory compatible (as Intel C2D E6400, Gigabyte 965P-DS3, 4GB RAM platform test)

  SB Audigy sound card Netizen fully functional version of Vista to amend driver download address 5Bby.daniel_k% 5D

  In addition, the author also revised the new SB Live sound card driver, make it the perfect support for Vista operating system and application procedures to achieve through the alchemy of the SB Live sound card’s audio environment EAX support.

Live sound card to support the non-official series Vista driver package, version 2.10.0001 A, produced by the foreign netizens daniel_k. In addition to providing SB Live sound card series Vista driver led SB Live support innovative alchemy applications, in the game to get EAX effects.

Applications include the following:

1.Creative ALchemy Universal innovation alchemy applications.

2.Creative Audio Center innovative audio control center.

3.Creative SoundFont Bank Manager SoundFont innovation management process.

Note: The default installation of the Creative SoundFont Bank Manager in the Chinese system may be in the running was an error, the proposed general users to delete after installation, addition, the default if the volume is too small, changes to the default volume

SB LIVE audio downloads of Vista Drive address are as follows:

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