Concerned about the soft sound knowledge of maintenance and repair work in sound card

Now used in computers, are generally sound, significantly, the integrated network card, there is no specific application requirements, so do with convenience benefits, as to talk about the real and practical benefits of this topic can be discussed another day. While the integrated sound card and sound quality can not be independent of the professional-grade sound card match, but I use the computer for so many years, the real problem in the quality of integrated sound card’s really not. Then the soft sound card is not really affect system performance? Is it really necessary to buy an independent professional-grade sound card do?

First, steps to repair the sound card

If the sound card can not make sound speakers, there are several common reasons:

1. Please open the speaker did not open it.
2. Speaker socket is not correctly installed, please install the accuracy of the socket on the Speaker.
3. Sound card driver is missing, please re-install the sound card driver. (Sound card driver is easily lost).
4. Sound card and board-level conflict, please set the right sound card to set the value.
5. Troubleshooting over the sound of the sound card only after there is a failure, the replacement of a new sound card.

Second, AC’97 Technology

1. What is the AC’97 sound soft?

It is often the AC’97 sound card as a synonym, in fact, this is a complete understanding of the misunderstanding. This year, multi-media technology on a personal computer to promote the growing, and universal application. PC in order to be able to provide high-quality, low-cost audio system. In June 1996, led by Intel to five PC makers Intel, Creative Labs, NS, Analog Device with Yamaha co-sponsored Audio Codec’97 (referred to as AC’97, for “multi-media audio digital signal encoder / decoder” ) Standards. The biggest innovation is the “two-chip” structure, so that the ADC (Analog-to-Digital Conversion, analog to digital) and DAC (Digital-to-Analog Conversion, analog to digital) conversion from the system as much as possible, so that can be avoided Most of the digital / analog signal conversion arising from the clutter, so as to get a better sound quality.

At present, all sound cards support the AC’97. Not simply on the specific motherboard integrated sound card and software. AC’97 soft and the other is the concept of a sound card. It is based on an AC’97 the CODEC chip, non-digital audio processing unit, the computer player in the audio message, in addition to D / A and A / D conversion of all the outside work to the CPU to be completed. It can be said that, AC’97 sound card software is to simplify the hardware, and the design is still the implementation of the AC’97 specification standard sound card. The current soft AC’97 sound card Analog Devices have the AD188x (AD1881, AD1885, AD1886), ALC201 / A, VIA VT1611A.

2. AC’97 sound card is really very poor performance it?

a. CPU occupancy rate high

AC’97 sound card because the soft responsible only for D / A and A / D conversion, and deal with most of the work to the CPU to have to do, so the occupancy rate of system resources, then it increased. This CPU performance in the previous lower, which can be fatal. Play 3D games in the large-scale, the use of soft AC’97 sound card, this will result in a slower rate, frame-skipping even Huaping. However, it seems that this is not a problem. CPU frequency of the war has reached a climax, CPU frequency of success, the latest Pentium4 frequency of up to 2.6G, and also the highest AthlonXP has reached 1.667G, there is such a high frequency of the CPU backed up, AC’97 seems Can breathe a sigh of relief. This is as soft as a cat, when the CPU performance to improve rapidly after the occupation of the resources sufficient to make it acceptable, it is for that reason, many users could then accept the cheap and soft cat, I believe the AC’97 soft voice Cards will do it again.

b. Poor sound quality

It is often said that the soft AC’97 sound card is only a computer can only speak for the things that is blamed its poor sound quality. All soft AC’97 sound card-to-noise ratio (SNR) can achieve more than 75dB. Although the board will be around the electronic components of the clutter interference, but the problem is to work on the Main Board exquisite, minimal impact.

Small knowledge: noise ratio (SNR, Signal to Noise Ratio) is the signal with no signal inherent noise, is the general performance of the background noise. The intensity than take on the commonly used multiplied by the number 10, is a unit dB (decibels). When the signal to noise ratio lower than 75dB, the noise in a quiet environment may be aware, and when music was not obvious. When the signal to noise ratio reached about 95dB, the human ear would be difficult to hear the noise.

c. AC’97 soft sound of the gospel

AC’97 many users can soft sound card to a free upgrade, it transformed itself to become a high-performance sound card (which is relatively cheap sound card is concerned). There is nothing like this kind of supernatural power? It is driven.

SoundMAX 3.0

SoundMAX 3.0 is Analog Devices and Intel issued a joint technology applied to a full range of soft Analog sound card (although that only AD1885, but smwdm.inf by modifying the file, you can support the full range of sound cards AD188x). AC’97 soft sound card can have a hardware-level data-processing 94dB conversion and the highest professional quality playback capability. SoundMAX 3.0 has become soft AC’97 sound card’s high-performance solutions for the outstanding representatives. The use of SoundMAX, so that we can AC’97 soft low-cost high-quality sound card issued by the 3D audio and MIDI synthesis of the best results. SoundMAX 3.0 use Sensaura for 3D sound positioning, MIDI soft wave form is used with the XG-compatible Sondius-XG, as long as adequate performance computers, soft voice wave table at the same time there is no ceiling on the number. It is worth mentioning that, in the SoundMAX 3.0 adds a new audio algorithms SPX, this dynamic algorithm can be used to allow this change algorithm of the game a lot of voices, even if the game is the same situation will be different because of a small number of Each of the factors arising from changes in the different voices, the voices of the game is no longer a hard and fast, fun is also increased. But so far, the SPX support for the still small number of games, it does not matter, SoundMAX 3.0 is also compatible with the currently popular audio API, including Microsoft DirectSound / DirectX 8.0, Aureal A3D 1.0, EAX 1.0 and 2.0, and we do not know many of the characteristics of sound .

Realtek ALC201 / A AC’97

SoundMAX3.0 in Hongtoushan hold up half the time, Realtek for the ALC201 / A tailored to a driver, in effect, no less than SoundMAX 3.0. It also make ALC201 / A has a hardware-level data-processing 95dB maximum capacity and the conversion of the SNR, also improved the CPU occupancy rate. At the same time, with as many as 26 kinds of sound environment for the user to choose.

The new drive will not only reduce the CPU occupancy rate, improved sound quality, but also soft AC’97 sound card to support a full three-dimensional sound, MIDI wavetable synthesis of. In addition, because of the specificity AC’97 soft sound card. Caused by chipset vendors will spare no effort to support two of the best drivers available, it should change AC’97 soft sound card in the hearts of the people of the poor impression of it. I believe, companies will continue to introduce better drivers.

d. AC’97 sound card software for which users?

If you are an ordinary user’s audio application is just to listen to MP3, ordinary play of the game, then spend money on the sound card to buy some waste is inevitable. AC’97 soft sound card fully meet your needs. Some may say that soft AC’97 sound card poor sound quality, unless you have a famous gold ears, or you can not hear the soft AC’97 sound card and high-end sound card difference. DIY to focus on “practical, good enough” to spend money where they are needed most.
Now users of the game’s a lot of games, especially CS represented by the FPS game in the graphics requirements, the sound has become very important. Listening identified bit sound card required to have a strong position and sound capability. In this regard, in addition to Aureal and SB Live sound card series, a lot of cheap sound card can achieve very good results. AC’97 soft sound card does not have the performance. However, a strong drive to really bring it a powerful driving force. For example, the AD1885 fitted SoundMAX 3.0, CS in the sound quality and effect of positioning, and so on the cheap CMI8738 a much better sound card. But if you name names and more money, or to purchase Creative’s high-end sound system right, they also cater to your needs.

e. How are we going to look at the soft AC’97 sound card?

Since the birth of the CPU and a high occupancy rate of poor sound quality, resulting in soft AC’97 sound card from the birth to the present, is a synonym for poor quality. Although the CPU speed is increasing, SoundMAX 3.0, Realtek drivers to varying degrees in the day after tomorrow to make up for the AC’97 sound card software defect. However, the high work load, the use of soft AC’97 sound card will drag the speed of the system.

For ordinary users and users of the game, AC’97 sound card software is a more cost-effective solutions. Drive through, we can allow a free sound card now is a few hundred dollars worth of sound. This process is completely free of charge. It was also stated that if the soft AC’97 sound card is of little value, good for nothing, then he’s thinking too much on the old.

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