Imaginative Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy4 imaginative series sound card person 2.18.0001 established version For WinXP/XP-64/Vista/Vista-64.

Inventive Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy4 a line innovative new sound card account driver 2.18.0001 acknowledged version For WinXP/XP-64/Vista/Vista-64 (2008 ? 7 ? 18 release) fifth full-blown innovative start “revolution revolution” your! We have been from the news many times before analyzed, the main innovation currently is just not a passive hardware style and drive R & D capabilities, but its rendering is “incredible” business approach, such as the arrival of “industry first” in addition to ALchemy (Alchemy) fee discs, Audigy users to give unfair treatment; even your X-Fi users, the Vista drivers continues to a serious encounter, XP now support under Vista, but can’t be achieved, and had they are driving with Daniel Kawakami intended for revision added, innovation won’t afford to development? Rarely, probably is a “hidden agenda” on account of business strategy.Recently, looking for unanimous “vocal opposition”, the innovation has begun to neglect, and on May 16 released a good solid ALchemy (alchemy), completely 100 % free, refund and compensation for Audigy users, a day or two ago persistent efforts for the Audigy innovation and X- Fi' ‘s latest official version only two.18.0001 for Landscape, adding a number in long-awaited features, specific changes include:new features throughout:1.Vista system by building Dolby Digital and DTS decoders service.2.Vista system sustains DVD-Audio playback.In ANNOY fix:1.Fixed a run in your run game or take advantage of EAX, DirectSound, OpenAL, ASIO let applications, it will randomly crash problem.2 Preset volume mapping function along with Windows Vista SP 1 compatibility complications between.3 to solve installing 4 GB or large capacity memory compatibility situations after.4 Fixed throughout Windows Vista 64-bit managing DTM – Device Journey Exerciser test, the technique error problem.5 to eliminate the multi-channel format OpenAL playback problems.6 Fixed a disturb where exit “Battlefield 2” close immediately after the performance, will cause the process crash problem.7 Search engine optimization of OpenAL, thus increasing run “Unreal Tournament 3”, “Colin McRae DIRT” and / or other game performance.This unique driver includes specific assist for sound card products:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy which include Platinum and Platinum ex boyfriend series, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy only two including Platinum, Platinum ex girlfriend or boyfriend, and Value series, Original Sound Blaster Audigy only two ZS including Platinum in addition to Platinum Pro series, Original Sound Blaster Audigy several Pro and Sound Blaster Audigy contemplate, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy only two ZS Notebook PCMCIA.

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