RME smart card DIGICheck audio study software version 5.0 Designed for Win2000/XP/XP-64/Vista-32/Vista-64.

RME string sound card DIGICheck acoustic analysis software version 5.0 Pertaining to Win2000/XP/XP-64/Vista-32/Vista-64 (2008 ? 7 July 25) DIGICheck software is often a professional audio hardware-based way of measuring tools, including multi-channel Optimum Level Meter, RMS amount meters, spectrum analyzer, your sound field meter, cycle meter, etc., it is extremely important that these are with the sound card DSP chip to accomplish calculations do not take CPU resources.Major new software update can be as follows:1.Support are around sound range.(2) support in a very multi-function switch between charge cards.3 shows all a structures, such as sales channel options.4 supports that Vista system, media gamer list (MMCSS) function.It supports all RME good card series, and drastically improved sound performance functions, we recommend users so that you can download updates.

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