Analysis of a microphone noise current issue of sound

On the sound card driver issues more, such is the general category fault driver, set up in the area on得不, but in some drivers have been installed correctly on the basis of the microphone and speaker of the situation can Chusheng , Collaborative links have problems, such as more noise, the microphone when the speaker pronunciation murmur more serious, this is also affecting the overall use, therefore, noise problem also needs to resolve.

First of all find your own noise problem is to where it’s easy:

In unplugged the microphone on the premise – open the volume control – a point option attributes – the players and recording the MIC volume are open to the largest, advanced options of 20 FB also enhance the open, have a pair of headphones to hear Noise at the end, if there is: that because of your circuit board layout and alignment caused by the unreasonable interference, which only the replacement of an independent sound card can be resolved.

If there is no noise at the end, there is no problem on that card, but since you have the noise from the MIC.

Now the market’s computer headset and gooseneck microphone session because of cost considerations, the jerry-building work in a serious phenomenon, as long as it is due to the microphone signal shielding line noise caused by poor quality, under such circumstances there was no need to replace the microphone, in fact, As long as the microphone to replace the line OK, we can allow them to the electronic market to replace you, very cheap, up a few pieces of money can solve the problem, to buy time can look at the wire in the core and outer layer of shielding the copper network Cables to judge how much the quality of good or bad, is better anyway (grades were: steel, copper, oxygen-free copper, the latter price High……) Maiwan to engage in business or home appliances help you replace the people on the line , The DIY like their own hands can! In fact, most netizens are the first two kinds of reasons for the majority!

Grounding line is to reduce the noise, the computer power are all high-frequency switching power supplies, Operating time with sensors, will not grounded, the power of high-frequency sound would interfere with clutter. However, the ground can not fundamentally resolve the noise problem

Although the main problem is in wheat, but there are some remedial approach, the most obvious effect is that for a sound card, sound card to the market independent of the Siamese general Mr (headset) or gooseneck wheat (wheat meeting) noise The low will drop, the reason is to avoid the interference of the board, followed by hands-strong ability to change their friends can click the main chassis, for example, said in front of the chassis grounding shell (for example, home plumbing or heating), for Good quality, computer power supplies, computer power output lead put ferrite magnetic ring (USB devices generally plug Department has a black color of the rubber block, in fact, there is ferrite magnetic ring, magnetic ferrite Central to the absorption of good wire contained in the high-frequency clutter components, electronic market in general has sold very cheap), with the use of clean power for the AC power outlet, and so on. . .

Songs were recorded by computer microphone, so as not to hand Qumo MR head and line, because the body on the distribution of audio capacitors will be enlarged into a clutter signal.

Mr purchase ordinary computer recorded songs, lead to some short as possible, in order to minimize the noise factor.

In addition, in resolving such issues, while also consider filtering software, the Internet can have such software into audible sound or noise filtering and resonance, such as elimination.

In short, the exclusion of such failure, either from the start with software and hardware, the software can improve procedures, improve set to achieve, through the replacement of hardware can be very easy to determine the cause of the malfunction.

There are other more ingenious solution, welcomed the exchange of messages.

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