ASUS ASUS Xonar U1 outward USB sound card taxi driver version Meant for Vista/Vista-64.

ASUS ASUS Xonar U1 exterior USB sound card new driver most recent version For Vista/Vista-64 (2008 ? 5 ? 6 release) may be the world' s motherboard leader ASUS to expand their business recently, has introduced computer peripheral products, has recently again aimed towards sound card, and Chushoubufan, some time ago introduced the 1st piece of Xonar D2 sound card due to the superior product performance a listing of broad interest, as most of the top users and audio enthusiasts the latest selection.However, it is usually immersed in the amazing voice Xonar D2, ASUS continual efforts, has introduced a new USB external sound account – Xonar U1.The ASUS Xonar U1 primarily created for notebook users, I believe that many used the portable user will sound her bad bad impression, Xonar U1 can solve this issue.In addition, for those who tend not to want to install your sound card or opened a desktop graphics credit card as well because there is no room equipped with different sound cards placed computer’s desktop users, Xonar U1 is also the ideal choice.Belong to a home with Xonar D2, ASUS Xonar U1' s performance is very strong, signal to sounds ratio can reach 100dB, additionally supports Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live and Dolby Prologic Iix along with other technical specifications, which is currently available on the market the only one willing to provide a full 5 Dolby sound field products, external audio device.Xonar U1 may output 2.1 analog as well as digital 5.1 funnel or 5.1 funnel virtual, it also features S / PDIF outcome.In addition, Xonar U1 also throughout XP and VISTA operating-system, the latest in technology through the latest DS3D GX conveniently provide multi-channel game songs DirectSound and EAX environmental audio support for players an immersive lifelike go through.New driver updates are as follows:1.Increase the OSD display rotation key.2 Fixed XP in open USER INTERFACE, long music program error occurs once the problems.3 solutions using audio console for a while, memory usage rising problem.4 will be modified after each reboot, the brand new issue of the brief files generated.

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