T61 Bluetooth BCM2045B with IVT Bluesoleil 5.0.5 the problem

T61 notebook, Bluetooth module is BCM2045B, broadcom, system is vista, comes with the WIDCOMM 6, and WIDCOMM5 very different, just as XP comes with a Bluetooth-driven interface is not as useful, my PDA and stereo Bluetooth headset Pretty, unloading swap, widcomm5 and bluesoleil 2,3 do not support VISTA, it was not clear what Bluetooth software can be used to finalize with ivt bluesoleil, support VISTA, but the books do not support the Bluetooth chip BCM2045B, That is, with the driver, but could not find the hardware, try to change the drive, with hard into the concrete practice in the hardware management Richardson BCM2045B the hardware ID: USB \ VID_0A5C & PID, replace the installation directory. Bluesoleil driver \ usb \ btcusb.inf

% BROADCOM.DeviceDesc% = Btusb_DDI, USB \ VID_0A5C & PID_201D this line of USB \ VID_0A5C & PID_201D, then manually update the hardware management, Bluetooth module driver manually at the bluesoleil installation directory, a lot of nonsense, problems arise, installed on the driver seemed to It is not very match, but bluesoleil open the Bluetooth will not be automatically activated, the need to click on Turn on Bluetooth tray icon can be activated, but relatively easy to break, what are the ways to solve these problems?

Bttl.ini documents need to change your ID equipment added to the [HW1]
Then the following
NUM = 111
DriverRt = D: \ Program Files \ IVT Corporation \ BlueSoleil \
TL = HW1

Following the TL mark the value you add into the [HW1] (If you put [HW1] ID equipment into your own ID)

Changes [HW1] are as follows

Type = Bluetooth USB Dongle
DLL = Driver \ USB \ btcusb.dll
DLLD = Driver \ USB \ btcusbd.dll
Inffile = Driver \ USB \ btcusb.inf
Manufacture = Broadcom
acl_pkt_len = 200

I chip Bluetooth adapter is also broadcom, this can be changed by, Try

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