ASUS ASUS Xonar U1 outward USB sound card new driver version Meant for WinXP/XP-64.

ASUS ASUS Xonar U1 usb USB sound card person best and newest version For WinXP/XP-64 (2008 ? 3 released Tuesday) certainly is the world' s motherboard leader ASUS to make sure you expand their business realize it’s a huge, has introduced computer peripheral supplements, has recently again looking for sound card, and Chushoubufan, some time ago introduced the main piece of Xonar D2 sound card for their superior product performance all of the broad interest, as some of the top users and audio enthusiasts the most recent selection.However, it is immersed in the great voice Xonar D2, ASUS relentless efforts, has introduced a good USB external sound unit card – Xonar U1.The ASUS Xonar U1 primarily planned for notebook users, I think that many used the journal user will sound it is bad bad impression, Xonar U1 can solve concern.In addition, for those who you should not want to install any sound card or amenable a desktop graphics account as well because there isn’t any room equipped with an array of sound cards placed computer help users, Xonar U1 is also the best option.Belong to a relatives with Xonar D2, ASUS Xonar U1' s performance is definitely strong, signal to audio ratio can reach 100dB, equally supports Dolby Virtual Sub, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital Live and additionally Dolby Prologic Iix as well technical specifications, which is currently that can be found the only one qualified to provide a full three Dolby sound field concept, external audio device.Xonar U1 may well output 2.1 analog and additionally digital 5.1 approach or 5.1 approach virtual, it also contains S / PDIF productivity.In addition, Xonar U1 also during XP and VISTA computer system, the latest in technology with the latest DS3D GX quickly provide multi-channel game sound recording DirectSound and EAX the environmental audio support for online players an immersive lifelike practical experience.New driver updates are the following:1.Correct MP3 musician, rotating 7.1 virture speaker icon can lead to no sound output as the headset problems.2 brand new Dolby virtual speaker and even Dolby head phone communication prompt.(3) Strengthen Array Mic algorithms to showcase the effect of removing noise.4 adjustable help support SPDIF output mute.

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