ASUS ASUS Xonar D2/PM noise card driver version 8.18.30 RC05 For WinXP/XP-64/XP-MCE.

ASUS ASUS Xonar D2/PM modern sound card driver version 8.17.30 RC05 Intended for WinXP/XP-64/XP-MCE (2008 ? three ? 15 released) Xonar D2/PM ASUS ASUS is known as a company in the 2007 Taipei International Computer Show on published a brand new generation of sound credit cards, ASUS AV200 audio chip specific to it R & D, via the UMC foundry, 0.20 micron process technology for high-end users.Xonar D2/PM an important selling point is the excellent signal to noise ratio, up to 118db, and for you to reduce interference from the magnetic field within the fuselage, in particular, to help you strengthen the EMI filter circuit.Audio output aspect, Xonar D2/PM supports close to 7.1 channel production, 24Bit 192KHz sampling, high-fidelity HD-DVD and even Blu-Ray audio decoding, guidance for Dolby, DTS, AC3 besides other HD audio encoding and decoding capabilities, these data seem there are quite attractive.This may be the latest sound card individual version RC05.

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