How do I remove the SoundMAX icon from the system tray?

On some computers, a SoundMAX icon will appear in the system tray of the Windows desktop. This icon provide quick access to various audio features. Some users prefer a “clean” desktop or else run out of space in the system tray. The icon can be removed from the tray so that it will not re-appear after restarting the computer.

In newer versions of SoundMAX, to remove the icon, double click on the icon and select the checkbox to not show the icon in the tray.

In older versions of SoundMAX, the best way to remove the icon from the tray is to add an empty file with the name NoTskBar.txt into same folder containing the setup program to install SoundMAX. This will work if you re-install SoundMAX while it is currently installed.

If the icon appears with a red circle and diagonal line, it means the driver software is not installed correctly and/or not functioning correctly.

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