Creative Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy4 series of innovative applications 1.00.08 Audio Alchemy modified version of For Vista.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy4 compilation of innovative applications sound alchemy modified version with the latest 1.00.08 For Vista (2008 ? 1 ? 3 released) so as to adapt to the innovative Windows Vista audio architectural mastery, innovation and development in the new ALchemy for Sound (Alchemy) application which allows Sound Blaster series for sound cards support DirectSound3D performance audio for EAX consequences, 3D audio spatial orientation, sample rate conversion plus hardware audio mixing performs.However, this section just for the program X-Fi series of free, and Sound Blaster Audigy sound card user to acheive alchemy, you need to be charged $ 9.9.Effectively now, an enthusiast for foreign X-Fi version of your Alchemy application has been modified so that it could run on top of the Sound Blaster Audigy audio card, this section you’ll find two main improvements inside the program:1.When the run installer search just Audigy sound card, rather than the original program needs to find X-Fi sound card.2 Audigy sound card installed to compliment the dsound.dll report.In addition, the authors also revealed that the application of This program has experienced the “Call of Need 2” EAX3 tested properly.Installation Method:1.Manage the Setup.exe report.(2) When the assembly is complete, restart the particular computer.3 When the Register, select Skip.several complete, start to practical experience it.Special Note:Alchemy is surely an auxiliary program, just for EAX support applications, with the Audigy can be used with standard Windows staff.

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