ASUS Xonar D2/PM Stereo Driver 8.17.40 Beta version For Vista-32/Vista-64.

ASUS ASUS Xonar D2/PM the most up-to-date sound card driver release 8.17.25 Beta Regarding Vista-32/Vista-64 (2007 ? 10 ? 17 issued) In recent times, built-in sound processing chipset is incredibly common, but also made great effect, so the downsizing market demand, an independent sound card, sound card manufacturers have many out of your market.Currently, the international market leader in unit card – Singapore' s Creative Technology sound card inside global market share around 70%, but the sound is no longer the main income source of the company, innovation and technology with MP3 as well as other multimedia solutions to offer the company' s business diversified.At this time, Asus in China with the 2007 Taipei International Computer Show to show the company' s Xonar D2 appear card.Asus said, this specific card uses the company' ersus own development by UMC' ersus 0.35 micron method technology AV200 chip, from the beginning of May to enter into the production stage, and inside third quarter, the market sales price of approximately $ 199.ASUS depicted, although the sound unit card market is shrinking, high-end audio card market demand remains to be strong.With the further progression and expansion of digital real estate market, more and more consumers will be used as a Hi-Fi PC system audio system, while HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD products, the introduction will likely help pick up the particular sound card market to heat.Development regardless of how the sound card market, ASUS offers huge profits to return to high-end sound card market place, helping to strengthen a company' s corporate image as being a high-end brand.This is the latest Beta version of your sound card driver meant for Vista.

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