Realtek AC97 seem chip driver Beta Edition For Vista-32/Vista-64.

Realtek Realtek sensible chip ALC100/ALC101/ALC200/ALC201/ALC201A/ALC202/ALC202A/ALC650/ALC655/ALC658/ALC850 AC97 Operater Beta variety For Vista-32/Vista-64 (2006 ? 11 ? twenty-three release ) Realtek Realtek acoustic chip, the company produced the series inside a good price in the on-board sound card market, occupy a larger industry share, whether in the completed of the 965/975 selection motherboard, or in this low-end or VIA' ‘s KT400A INTEL' s 845E, we’re able to see its shadow.Not to mention Realtek' s audio driver update in your company is also the best rapid, almost every month a small number of updates.This driver aid for Vista RTM type, you want to install Vista RTM friends save it.

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