[Firmware] Spanish tanks KOMPLEXER analog synthesizers 1.010 variety driver download.

TerraTec Chinese tanks KOMPLEXER analog synthesizer version from the latest Firmware 1.010 With regard to Win2000/XP (2006 ? 9 ? 19 release) Komplexer main attributes:1.To import Waldorf microQ noise.2.256 polyphony.3.3 perform ring modulation and oscillator connect.4 Flexible 16×16 modulation matrix.5.four ADSDSR envelope.6 low-frequency oscillator.7 using the arpeggiator.8 with stereo input, can be used in the form of vocoder.9.5 Results modules include:delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion.10 All parameters could be automated parameter control automation.11 could be run independently.12.3 LFO.New firmware updates are as follows:1.Fixed support in using dual-core or hyperthreading model system, open more than a Komplexer VST time could potentially cause hearing loss problems.(2) Fixed MIDI-CC within the CC = 0 (off) the moment, MIDI does not job.3 amended only on Komplexer plug-in window clear state, MACRO 1-8 before they are able to work the problem


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