intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 sound card driver installation

Because the reasons for the Trojans yesterday, the heavy equipment of the system, but to install the system, the other drives are identified by (using the latest version of the tomato garden was installed in 2003), only to sound drivers Moyourenchu; suddenly want to , To install the system before, forget the sound card to see what is a model » This, in trouble, because my motherboard’s sound card driver, who is out with the difficult, to buy now.

The earliest before it purchased the motherboard, because of the motherboard driver, good equipment; finishing later in the CD-ROM lose; int865pe to the Internet in accordance with the board came to sound drivers, can not find; everest subsequent identification, Is intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 this model, to the Internet, find the problem or more people, but in the end, no one answer to a completely; look at the motherboard manual that is soundmax * 4xl the sound card, this Sound card or the advantages of very strong;

Later, looking for! Halo dizziness brain to find it, in the process of testing and found that the use Realtek drivers, installation normal, after the resumption of equipment management and there is no question mark Tanhao a series of questions, but they are not Chusheng; would like to remember them Think that this should not drive; later in the trial of the c-media-driven, is the problem, strange! Think again, since it is soundmax the sound card, then this leads to find, Dongbenxizou, accidentally discovered a package installed, there are three folders, just one at a trial! Test to the second folder, there are eight inf files, in manually install, choose from the installation disk and found that soundmax intergrated digital audio drive, the hearts of a dynamic, I feel like some; was installed on the hard, After installed, not an error; simply on to a thorough, I restart the! After the restart, the familiar sound of the music!

The feeling of the installation process, arbitrary too! There is no good basis to query the Internet the recommendations are generally ambiguous, mainly intel official information provided by the few, not the basic motherboard provided by the sound card solutions; this regard than some other motherboard makers, Motherboard models in the corresponding pages, all driven everything!

Fortunately, has been installed, can now watch information-ROP! Note: this site to provide this drive download, to view relevant content.

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