Sound KX3538 driver installation package to download and usage profile

1, must ensure that your sound card chip marked emu10K1, emu10K2, audigy, audigy2, audigy4 words. This sound card to install KX driver.

2, integrated sound card and motherboard can be used together? Yes, of course. I frequently use. Computer supports multiple sound cards, KX drivers and other sound card can also be driven coexistence. If no compatibility problems, and motherboard integrated sound card can be used together. If you do not want to use the motherboard’s integrated sound card, you can disable the onboard sound card in the cmos, or in the windows device manager, find the onboard integrated sound card, right click and select "disable" on the line.

3, emu10k1 if your sound card is a series of 4.1 and 5.1, before installing the driver, but also to remove windows in the innovative integration of the default sound card driver installation file. Otherwise, the original sound card drivers will be a uninstall, it will automatically install the xp driver, no way to install KX drivers. If not this series, delete this file also does not matter. Because you do not have access. I sent you a batch program that can automatically rename the default driver installation files, if the future is to use, with another batch program to change it back on the line. ren c: \ windows \ inf \ wdma10k1.inf wdma10k1inf (the default driver installation file into another, so that xp can not find) ren c: \ windows \ inf \ wdma10k1inf wdma10k1.inf (the default driver installation file to change back, restore the default drivers) Note: This is a novice to install KX driver must to master the first step. Double-click to run directly to the "Delete the default creative 4.1 sound card driver xp installation files. Bat" program, complete the default driver installation file deletion work. Better than the difficulty of turning the high cards, right?

4, uninstall your windowsxp system, innovative sound card drivers, or visit the official float driver. This in: Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs in the uninstall or driver and official with the Tour floating uninstaller uninstall the driver on the line. Note: This is a novice to install KX driver must master the second step. If you have not installed the official driver or swim float driver, you do not need this step.

5, some systems, but also in the device manager delete the hardware device drivers. "My Computer" right click, choose "Properties", the above point, "hardware" tab, "Device Manager", open the "Device Manager" window, find the original "creative" the words sound equipment, Right click on it and select "Uninstall", and then restart the computer, restart, will be prompted to find a new hardware, click "Cancel" button, do not install the device driver. Into the system after installing KX drivers. Note: This is a novice to install KX driver must master the third step. If you have not installed the official driver or swim float driver, you do not need this step.

6, to start the installation KX driver (this is the novice and the hand began to be learned) Step One: Double click the downloaded version of the 3538M KX driver installation package, then open the winrar window, click "extract to" button then the target path in the following years, select "Desktop", and then point below the "OK" button to unlock the whole package to the desktop and there. (If you are familiar with winrar, extract to your folder of course better. To be on the desktop will be deleted after installation.)

Found on the desktop "KX driver 3538M Edition installation package" folder, double-click to run kxdrv3538m-full_3DDown.exe to begin the installation. (A total of three double-click the mouse twice, would you? Not yet? To universities for the elderly in our district elementary computer classes, and I teach you from scratch)

The second step, installer language, the installation language. Default Chinese, point OK, will you?

The third step, the Setup Wizard, click Next button, right?

The fourth step, check "I accept the ‘License Agreement’, the terms", and then the Next button and then the following points, OK?

The fifth step, installed components, do not ignore it, the default on the list, click Next.

The sixth step, the target folder, it is recommended not to change. Default, click Next.
Seventh step, the generated name and location of the Start menu. Do not change. By default, point the installation.

The eighth step, the installation is complete, the "Run kx project audio driver" and "Show the readme file" before removing the hook, the completion point on the line.

A little harder later. But more than three cards turned off, you should be no problem. Be patient and see. Ninth step: quit your anti-virus software, and 360 security guards that protection software. Then turn off all the mess on the desktop window (of course, this tutorial could not close my ah. It makes me cry), found on the desktop "KX driver 3538M Edition installation package" folder, double-click to open, to find one of the "kxskin. kxs "file, right click and select" Copy. " Then double-click to open "My Computer", find "C: \ Program Files \ kX Audio Driver \ 3538" KX driver installation folder, right click the blank space in the window, select "Paste." Will prompt the kxskin.kxs file a 1.08M 1.06M of kxskin.kxs to replace a file, select "Yes" to cover the past, your Chinese is the KX drivers.

Step Ten: The above is to unlock the KX driver installation files to the c: drive is installed, the following procedure is to install a hardware device.
Ten step:
Twelve Step:
… …
After you download the archive of other inspection.
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