HD sound card settings in the system, method WinXP/Win7

Repeat again, "the sound card settings / Kara OK essence":

Sound card settings / Kara OK essence: no matter what the sound card, regardless of what operating system, but also no matter what the voice software, voice chat, microphone, karaoke OK’s sound card settings, its principles, in essence, the method is the same . That is: only the volume control of the "Play" which uses the microphone, while in the "Record" which used the stereo mix or wave mix (innovation and sound card to "hear your voice"), to speech, to mix accompaniment to Kara OK, he will make the music or the singing voice and speech, while the other side can hear.

Important points:

First, here is the case of desktop computers. For notebook computers, although the sound card setting method similar, but because some brands of notebooks, which plays the sound card have never had a microphone, or even recording stereo mix which did not function, and not have support networks and mixing songs K recording. Play as long as there is no microphone, even if the "recording" inside "microphone" and "stereo mix", they can not speak in voice chat rooms and sing the same time. This problem can be solved not by settings, can only use an external USB sound card to solve.

Second, HD sound card of the original drive, the system’s default installation, the "Play" option which most are in English, you can not see at a glance as conventional sound card "microphone" word; and "recording" inside "Microphone", "Stereo Mix" and other projects are not adjusted gray. That is where the "microphone" and "Stereo Mix" default condition can not be used, we can not talk, can not mix music. Only install the HD Audio patch (Click here to download the patch) in order to solve this problem. Many friends in the voice chat software or voice can not speak, sing aloud, because the situation. They even played inside the microphone had not been able to find out, not only can not be used inside the microphone recording, and playback can not be used inside the microphone, so the microphone did not speak.

The final results of the volume control setting

"Play" interface, just enough of these four, the latter two are front and rear panel microphone

"Recording" interface, just two is enough, "select" in the "Stereo Mix" will be able to put in the accompaniment, karaoke OK

The following describes the beginning of this article.

Office personal computers, recently updated models Fangzheng Jun Yi M580-E7500 Desktop PC (CPU / Core Duo 2.93G, memory / 2G, hard drive / 320G, Monitor / 19 inch LCD), random Win7 operating system is installed, is The HD-board sound card. I had been using WinXP, it is not in the habit of Win7 for a moment to toss a re-installed WinXP, so the computer can Win7 and WinXP dual boot system, free to choose and use. So, on the one hand the present work mainly in the WinXP system, the other from time to time to become familiar with the system to boot into Win7 and understand the new system. Win7 is the upgraded version of Vista, the kernel and interface similar to the sound card interface and set the volume control is pretty much the same way.

First, the figure that HD sound card settings in the WinXP system

Figure 1, a small speaker volume control: the lower right corner of the screen, that is, black trumpet, double-click it to open the volume control, shown in Figure 2. The purple trumpet, the sound card is the HD Audio Manager, which is the control panel that "Realtek high definition audio configuration."

Figure 2 master volume – playback control: Double-click the black trumpet Figure 1, is the open interface, which is to choose the set-off situation. A "Front" is the word the computer front panel jack, "Rear" is the rear panel jacks. We can go to the "Play" property which, to choose the necessary equipment, as shown in Figure 3. Did not use the device can "mute." Device Properties corresponding to the following:

Front Green In: Green front-panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Front Pink In: pink front panel jack (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Rear Green In: Green rear panel jack (default speakers, headphones)

Rear Pink In: pink jack rear panel (the default is the microphone, microphone)

Figure 3 player attributes – Equipment selection: points in Figure 2, followed by the "Options" / "Properties" to come out of the interface. Select the volume control is necessary since the situation is the interface in Figure 2. "Mixer" inside "Realtek HD audio output" corresponds to "play" attribute, "Realtek HD audio Input" corresponds to is "recording" properties, as shown in Figure 4. "Output" refers to the output device, "Input" refers to the input device.

Figure 4 recording properties: Select the volume control is necessary after the project is the interface in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Recording Control: This is has been selected to set the recording control interface. "Recording" inside the "microphone", "Stereo Mix" and other projects are not adjusted gray, while the following are "silent," not conventional "choice" need to install the HD Audio patch to return to normal state. Download this patch in front of the link.

Figure 6, after installing the patch recording control: the problem has been to eliminate the gray is not adjustable, the following "Mute" has also been restored to normal state "choice."

Figure 7, the recording properties after installing the patch: the volume control is only four, less the Figure 4 in the "Recording Control" total volume, but it does not matter, does not affect the use of microphones and mixing.

Figure 8 Sounds and Audio Devices Properties: After the previous set, HD sound card’s volume control setting has already been completed and presented here to continue, but set a different way. Right-select the small speaker volume "Adjust Audio Properties", or in the Control Panel open the "Sounds and Audio Devices" to open the window. If the bottom right corner of the little horn did not, here on the hook "into the volume icon in task bar" to recovery.

Figure 9 Audio property set: here, the "Play" and "recording" properties into one interface, opening the "volume" to set the corresponding property. These are introduced in front, not repeat it.

Figure 10 RealtekHD Audio Manager: Open the task bar that purple trumpet, or in the control panel open "Realtek High Definition Audio Configuration" to open this interface. Here, we can continue to set the sound card properties, one of the "mixer" section, is the front of the "Play" and "recording" part of the selection and installation.

In the default "Audio" screen, you can try using the "environment" and "equalizer" of some "sound." I do not like, do not use. And "Kara OK" is only used to play MP3 and other songs cut the original singers, and generally do not have access.

Figure 11 Mixer: Here is set the playback and recording properties. The total volume button after opening the bottom left corner of the small wrench, you can open their own mixer kit, the "Play" and "record" attribute set, as shown in Figure 12 and Figure 13. Like the previous set which will not repeat.

This is no patch to install HD audio interface, recording, there is a greyed selection and adjustment, the need to install the patch solution, as shown in Figure 14.

Figure 12 Mixer Kit: Play control option.

Figure 13 mixer Toolbox: Recording Control options.

Figure 14 to install the patch after the mixer interface: recording inside the "microphone", "Stereo Mix" is a return to normalcy. Otherwise, the microphone can not be used here, can not play songs or their own mix mix concert accompanist for recording.

After installing the patch, because the volume control is not a "recording control" of this, so the "record" the original one here, there is no total volume buttons, but does not affect the volume adjustment.

Figure 15 audio I / O: here the input and output device settings. This is the default interface, the front panel did not insert the device icon is dark; rear panel connected to the speaker, the corresponding icon is bright colors. After opening the upper right corner of the little wrench panel, open "connection settings", as shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16 connector settings: This is the default setting interface, in this case, we can customize the properties of jack, as shown in Figure 17.

Figure 17 insert the device pop-up dialog box: where you can customize the interface. For example, you can define the original microphone jack or audio output jack for headphones to use. Try to see: the headphones into the microphone jack, and then in the dialog box check the "headset" and to determine, when the microphone jack to be defined as a headphone jack, and plug in the headphones can hear you play sound. If you want to revert to the microphone jack, we should be redefined.

Figure 18 custom connector settings: Figure 16 is the default connection settings screen, insert the device always pop-up dialog box, and a lot of trouble. We can "disable front panel jack detection", or check "when inserted into the device, open the pop-up dialog box", so is the use of a computer, on the rear panel marked the default device, not the pop-up dialog box, do not custom jack attributes.

Figure 19 is disabled after the front panel jack detection "Audio I / O": a custom front panel jack ban, were fixed to the microphone and headphones or speakers, whether or not its icon into the device is lit.

Figure 20 S / PDIF settings: In the "Audio I / O" set interface, opening the "Panel" the right of the small wrench, this interface is open, we do not touch it, the default can be.

Figure 21 Microphone settings: This is a recording environment settings, you can click "noise suppression" and "echo cancellation."

Figure 22 sound card information: opening the lower left corner of Figure 10 and set the interface that "i" button, that is, the current surface.

Through the introduction and set the front, HD sound card settings work over here. Finally, let us look at this "information."

Voice and audio control interface display shows: If the lower right corner of the screen do not have that red "Audio Manager" small speaker icon to the point where "in the audio control on the taskbar shows"; If the interface language is not Chinese, on the drop-down Simplified Chinese box inside the second choice, or select the last that the "Auto" automatically the default settings.

As there is no mention of the "3D audio demo", you can go to settings, demonstrated a look. In fact, default can be, there is no need to touch it.

● Volume Control "Play" attribute set and high-definition audio "mixer" setting the special summary

Figure 23 Play Control Special Note: PC’s HD integrated sound card, 2 front panel jack, rear panel and only three jacks. After trying to test, "Play" property here, just select the master volume, waveform, and the microphone is enough, does not affect other projects the listener to play audio and microphone use. AC97 sound card, etc. This is equivalent to setting a general, but here’s "microphone" into the front panel microphone "Front Pink In" and the rear panel microphone "Rear Pink In" only.

Figure 24 "mixer," in particular: the mixer is actually here, "Volume Control" and "Play" and "recording" properties of integration, the volume control is where the linkage with adjustable volume control, but the mixer The selection interface is independent. Through testing, "mixer" where players do not choose to set any time with the recording device does not affect the volume control setting and use of property.

If you understand the previous description, you will thoroughly mastered the relevant set, HD sound card. What is the problem, not only can solve their own, friends can also help solve the problem in question.

Second, the figure that HD sound card in Vista and Win7 System Settings

Win7 is an upgraded version of Vista, the kernel and interface are similar, the sound card interface and set the volume control is pretty much the same way. Here is the situation in Win7, Vista system, may also refer friends.

Figure 1, a small speaker volume control, lower right corner of the screen is white trumpet.

Right click the small speaker, you can see various control the Properties menu, we set the sound card from here.

Of course, go to Control Panel’s "Hardware and Sound," which open the "voice" to be set.

Figure 2 "Play" attribute set: right click the small speaker volume control, open the "playback device" to open this interface. Here we set the sound playback and recording (audio) property. This is the default "Play" interface, the only "speakers" and "Realtek Digital Output" the two devices. Here, we can right click the "Show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices" in order to find, suggesting the need to use the equipment. "Realtek Digital Output" is a digital output device, you do not use this output device to it, or you do not speak out of the ordinary speaker. Therefore, we must Speaker "is set to the default value", only use the default output device.

Figure 2 Figure 3 points to open the "speaker", the "Play" in the speaker attribute set. Here, as long as the "level" set to, the rest are default settings, no need to move them. The "level" is actually the sound card volume control, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4, the speaker of the "level": here to set the volume level of each device, useless items may be mute, such as "CD Audio." "Realtek HD Audio output" is playing out the overall volume; "Front Pink In" and "Rear Pink In", respectively, before the back panel pink microphone jack; "Rear Green In" After the panel green headphone jack or speakers. Figure 2 of the "Play" control is not a microphone, the microphone at the speaker’s original "level" inside.

Figure 5 Recording: recording property. And "Play" setting, we can right click the "Show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices" in order to find, suggesting the need to use the equipment, such as you do not see the "microphone" or "stereo mix tone ", then handle it so check to see if it was blocked. Here, do not disable the equipment but also put them off. Need only the "microphone" and "stereo mix" the two. Our own accompaniment played on the computer, singing for recording the time, especially in the network, K songs, you must choose to use "stereo mix" it device "default device." Otherwise, you can not mix the accompaniment of the.

Figure 6 property is set to record the microphone, which is the default "General" screen, do not touch it. Need to set the "level" as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7, the microphone recording the "level" attribute: to strengthen the microphone volume and microphone settings. Microphone volume and microphone to enhance the value can not be too large, otherwise there will be a very serious noise. If the current sound of the microphone too much noise, put the microphone placed in 50% of the volume, a microphone placed in the strengthening of about 10 dB.

Figure 8, right click the small speaker volume control "Open Volume Mixer": where to set the audio output device is "silent." If you open the player and other audio equipment, they will appear here. Here, you can turn off the "system voice", you can temporarily turn off you are watching movies, playing the game sounds, not to "other side" to hear.

Figure 9, right click the small speaker volume control, open the "Volume Control Options": Select to use the volume control device.

Figure 10 Realtek High Definition Audio Manager: open method and the same system in XP, open the task bar that purple trumpet, or in the Control Panel’s "Hardware and Sound," which opens "Realtek HD Audio Manager" to open this interface. This is the default interface, the top of the column only has three devices. "Digital Output" is a digital audio output, because no use, they do not ignore it; and "Stereo Mix" is also no need for special settings, the default can be, shown in Figure 17.

Figure 11 Figure 10, opening the upper right corner of the yellow folder icon to open the form, "Jack Set", which is the default setting situation.

Figure 12 to set the default socket when inserted into the device will automatically pop-up dialog box.

Figure 13 we have the "Disable front panel jack detection", and do not pop up dialog box to determine the future as shown in Figure 14.

Figure 14 After Disable front panel jack detection of the interface more "microphone," the front panel jack icon is always lit.

Figure 15 Microphone settings interface, with the XP system, the "microphone" setup interface is similar to the volume of both recording and playback volume adjusted to the appropriate location, enable the "noise suppression" and "echo cancellation."

Figure 16 Microphone enhanced setting: the mid-point in Figure 15 to open the "Record Volume" speaker to the right of the microphone icon to open this interface.

Figure 17 stereo mix settings, adjust the volume to a suitable size.

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Full end, thank you for visiting and reading, hope you can help, can solve your problem


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