Windows7 upgrade sound card drivers have sonic boom, noise solution

Computer system installed Windows7, play music and video with sonic boom, noise, sound card driver upgrade is more serious … … solutions primarily to replace the old sound card driver software

The first step: Right-click on the desktop windows7 “computer”, select “Properties”;

Step two: Click the left column “Device Manager”, open Device Manager;

Step Three: In the Device Manager, expand the “Sound, video and game controllers”, right-click “Realtek High *******”, select “Uninstall”, uninstall the sound card driver. At this point, the computer no longer sound.

Step Four: Download sound drivers:

Step Five: Right-click to download sound card driver, select the “Compatibility” to “windows Vista service pack 1”, finally click on “OK” exit;

Step Six: Right-click the sound card driver to “administrator” to run the installation;

Step Seven: After installation restart the computer, OK, problem-solving.

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