Intel 82801GB ICH7 – High Definition Audio [A1] driver issues

Intel 82801GB ICH7 – High Definition Audio [A1 ]—— intel 82801GB ICH7 chipsets that INTEL ICH7 South Bridge chip inside the model, A1 means that South Bridge chip stepper type, with the back of HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO means a board by the ICH7 southbridge, and the composition of the sound card HD audio chip, which is commonly known as the meaning of high fidelity audio.

The driver can not just look at the model of sound card chip, sometimes do not work, it may be because the chassis or AC97 front audio wiring caused when the standard, if even that is behind the motherboard comes with MIC port does not work, you need check the HD’s Control Panel settings, is an orange speaker icon in the lower right corner, double-click will open the Audio Control Panel after, click on the “Audio I / O” option, so the English interface, select the five in the middle of that, and then These images point out a pattern like a little wrench button, a dialog box reads out connection settings, from top to bottom a total of three options, keep in mind the top “Disable front panel jack detection” must be checked , in the second before the hook is best to remove, because the second meaning is the same front and rear can not use, then check the “mixer” option in front of all MIC and MIC-related can not be muted. End sound card control panel settings and then check the WINDOWS own audio volume adjustment, the microphone of the options are not elected are not silent on it, is the lower right corner of the system comes with the black speaker icon, this I do not think I have to say the. (Usually the sound card driver, as long as there is a normal output or input on and drive does not matter, and set the finished on it

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