Solve CQ515 or 511,516 sound drivers make the system shutdown due to slow program

In the installed system and the drive-way and found the system shuts down slowly, at least to wait a bit more, search for and elimination through the Internet and found that it really was the driving IDT sound card is not compatible with the system processes caused!

Solution: In the “Start Menu”, the click “Run” in the dialog type “msconfig ‘” and then enter! Will appear “System Configuration Utility” manager, and then click on “Start” project, in the “Start” find a project called “AESTFltr”, and in front of the “hook” to remove, and then restart twice to see off the normal variable effects.

On CQ500 Series models slow off the solution method is as follows:

Mouse right-click “My Computer” – Select “Management” – Select “Device Manager” – Select “Universal Serial Bus controllers” – Mouse right-click “USB Root Hub” Properties – Select “Power Management “- to” allow computer to turn off this device to save computer “in front of the hook removed (remember to remove all the USB Root Hub Power hook option)

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