hp cq40 idt sound card driver problem

Colleague’s computer problems, it is a HP cq40 notebook, take off when the boot welcome screen appears every time the music will be stuck, and the Blue Screen of Death. Into safe mode. But no sound, the bottom right corner there is no small speaker. with the system disk into the pe simple system, still no sound. you want to pretend not to re-install the system into the results, the normal installation and ghost to install will not work. the original upload of the machine’s hard disk version of ghost11. into the pe simple system. the CD-ROM inside . gho image files directly copied to the hard disk. Exit CD-ROM. restart, using the hard disk version of ghost11 manually run ghost, find the image file on the hard drive cover to the c drive. reboot to complete the installation. At this time there will be some hardware drivers is not on, including the idt high definition audio codec sound card has not been driven, of course, also no sound. the need to first install the UAA bus driver


Idt after installing sound card driver,



Each would be required to install a driver restart, if the speakers after installing sound card drivers are black … black … sonic boom, go to Control Panel, find IDT Audio control panel, the “Enable power management features,” removed black … … there will be no popping sounds.

HP’s notebook, including many brand-name computers are installed the system trouble, you could die Zhang Yang personality he Hehe.

Proposed system, the normal time, keep on the hard disk of one or two backup system, the mirror of what to prepare for contingencies.

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