linux install Intel 82915G/910GL model integrated graphics driver

A first in the Intel official download linux version of the driver is the video card driver.
2 extracted the files, you can extract the x windows following graphics can also be an order I do not write very simple.
3 into the document, as far as I know this version does not need to compile the driver, direct installation will do. Note, however, must be introduced x windows system, installed in the text interface.
4 Enter the command sh Installation.
5 Haha, returned the following error: Compiler is not available to compile ………. this time to enter the X windows system, add and remove programs to add GCC application, and then reinstall.
6 If you have the following tips: kernel modules did not compile ………………. you need to upgrade your kernel, you must download the high red RedHat official version of the kernel.

Note: The installation must be released when the X windows ctrl + alt + F1-F6 can not, not completely out!

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