Realtek AC ’97 audio driver 6305 edition of For Vista/Window7

First, let me look at all the features of the method to achieve:
1, play music, completely normal, there is no sonic boom, and XP systems, under exactly the same!
2, watching movies, then you can multi-channel output, up to 5.1, you have a specific number of channels based on sound decision, as I said earlier I used two sets of speakers, so my final output is 4.1, but the realization of the 5.1 Effects!
3, Kara OK function, MIC input signal noise, pressure limit, reverb, enlarged so as to achieve professional results KTV private room!
4, listening to recorded wet dry, dry to listen to recorded wet, listening to recorded wet wet, listening to recorded dry dried tape recording of any adjustment! Recorded a song for at home!
5, other small features, such as any of a variety of signal source please fully understand the synthesis and understanding of this article after the KX drivers found themselves!

Then my system environment and needs of software:
1, the system: WIN7 Ultimate RTM7600.16385 32 Wei 2G memory (had brushes BIOS activation)
2, Innovation Sblive5.1 (SB0060) Sound Card
3, KX Driver 3541 version (only tested 3541,3545 b, and 3548, which simply can not be used 3545b, 3548 is not compatible plug-ins mentioned below)
4, effects plug-ins ProFx308_38L (if only to sound and there is no sonic boom that does not require, but I suggest in full accordance with the method I have mentioned below to install, lots of other good!)
5, my KX configuration (this is attracting valuable opinions, I believe there are many expert forums have their own ideas, He He)

Followed by the installation method:
1, using XPsp3 compatibility mode and as an administrator to install KX3541 driver.
2, the installation is complete restart, into the system error dialog box will pop up before the tube.
3, find the KX driver installation directory (mine is C: \ Program Files \ kX Audio Driver \ 3541), right-click inside the Kxmixer.exe, changed to “compatibility mode vistasp2”, “Run as administrator mode” tick. Determine the right-click the program again and select “Create a desktop shortcut.”
4, back to the desktop, right-click the shortcut you just created – Properties – Shortcut tab – change the “target” a column “” C: \ Program Files \ kX Audio Driver \ 3541 \ kxmixer.exe ” -startup “is actually add a” space-startup “Note that the two in the dash.
5, will just install the drivers installed when the system boot via software or MSCONFIG startup items delete, and then just created a shortcut to cut into the “Startup” folder.
6, double-click the shortcut you just created to run, if the normal operation of the system should appear on the lower right corner KX mixer icon. Right-click the icon – Settings – set the buffer – change the second term is “9600 ~ 10ms”, others remain unchanged. (This step to decide whether sonic boom)
7, right-click the icon kx Mixer – Effects – Registration plug-in – ProFx308_38L (available for download below), suggesting that the successful registration of plug-ins!
8, open KXDSP, with the upper right corner of “small folder” icon on load configuration – kx3541willing. Kx.
9, the speaker signal cable into your sound card’s rear output jack, if you have another speaker, insert the pre-output interface.
10, right-click the bottom right corner of the small desktop speakers – Play equipment – will be mastermixer default playback device. You’re done!

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