sony what modd generated document

What is the modd moff document? Is the index file;

File Extension MODD only a matter of time line information, the date and time, as well as other information, encoding format, a markup language similar to HTML format page analytical language. Similar to writing HTML documents, including the number and variety of symbols.

If there is a File Extension MODD, there should be a m2t file in the same directory, try to double-click the m2t file, you will be prompted, Windows can not read the document relating to, or do not know the procedures used to open it, you must choose due process manually. Right-click the file icon and select “Open With …” dialogue. From the pop-up list of installed programs, select the above-mentioned software. If you do not have, or to some extent lost the installation disc included with the camera, you can quickly and easily download the software from the Sony Web site’s Internet connection.

Sony Pictures as a result of browser software is currently only applicable to Windows operating system, the software is not cross-platform, and must use such an environment. Open-source operating system, fans will have to pull out money to buy a genuine copy of Windows XP or higher.

Of course, the repair File Extension MODD be a better way to document, such as the landing site, download repair tool for the extension.

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