win7 prompted to install the sound card driver “can not find a driver that supports”

The day before re-win7 7100, sound card drivers are not installed, has prompted “can not find a driver that supports” the beginning of thought is driven by the wrong result, but the drive in XP and previous versions win7 installed on all there is no problem, it can determine the drive is no problem.

Not inside the Device Manager installation, specify the path after the drive has “had prompted the latest driver” suddenly WIN7 think of it is driven by its own sound card may be the original driver conflict, uninstall the original driver is still can not be installed, the last thought of the security model is not to load the driver, with the mentality to try to enter into safe mode, was successfully installed successfully.

Only guess the reasons for the individual, if the prohibition of loaded from inside MSCONFIG driver should also be possible to restart.

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