Windows7 RC install the necessary drivers downloaded Collection

Description: This article lists all the drivers will soon be added to the wizard-driven Windows 7 driver library

Download Address: Mydrivers driver version ForWin2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7 Wizard 2009 B1

Card type


Windows7 RC in the download version of the second day of release, AMD has become the rapid release of Windows 7, a 8.612-specific driver, this driver is to complete the biggest feature of the new display mode support for WDDM 1.1, and passed WHQL certification, it appears that AMD is prepared introduced all the time and the right time.

Version of 8.612 graphics models support include:

Independent graphics cards: Radeon HD 4000/3000/2000 series (excluding models AGP)

Integrated graphics: Radeon HD 3300/3200 (790GX/780G), Radeon 3100 (780V)

Multimedia graphics cards: All-in-Wonder HD

Professional graphics cards: FireStream 9270/9250/9170

Download: AMD Radeon graphics cards desktop catalyst 8.612 WHQL driver officially complete multi-language version for Windows 7 32/64-bit:

In addition, AMD also notebook Mobility Radeon mobile graphics cards have released version 9.4 Beta Catalyst drivers support the card type: Mobility Radeon HD2000/HD3000/HD4000 Series

Download: AMD Mobility Radeon graphics notebook Mobile 9.4 Beta version of catalyst drivers Windows 7 32-bit:

AMD Mobility Radeon graphics notebook Mobile 9.4 Beta version of catalyst drivers Windows 7 64-bit:



Some time ago, NVIDIA’s display driver version seemed to be somewhat messy, such as desktop video card driver for the 185 line and 182 line; Windows 7 driver for the 181 system; notebook drive for the 179 line, not only the many versions of series, and each platform has its own drive not unified, the user can easily cause confusion.

NVIDIA is also estimated to have taken note of this problem, before the introduction of the new drive will be WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, laptop graphics driver version 185.85 are unified, so for NVIDIA users convenience.

185.85 update include:

1, support the GeForce GTX 275 graphics cards.

2, support for ambient light shielding (Ambient Occlusion) technology. Can be opened in the Control Panel.

3, support for CUDA 2.2, to improve the performance of GPU computing applications.

4, the expansion of less than 32 of the GPU core of NVIDIA Video Encoding database GPU hardware acceleration. The use of the database applications have CyberLink PowerDirector 7, CyberLink MediaShow Espresso, Nero Move it 1.5, Loilo SuperLoiloScope MARS and so on.

5, enhance the range of 3D gaming performance (compared to 182 series):

● “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena” performance up to 22%

● “Mirrors Edge” (open AA) up to 45% performance

● “Crysis: warhead” (open AA) up to 22% performance

● “Fallout 3” (open AA) up to 11% performance

● “Far Cry 2” up to 14% performance

● “Half-Life 2” (three-way or four-way mode) up to 30% performance

Download: NVIDIA GeForce desktop graphics driver 185.85 Windows 7 32-bit:

NVIDIA GeForce desktop graphics driver 185.85 Windows 7 64-bit:

NVIDIA GeForce notebook graphics driver 185.85 Windows 7 32-bit

NVIDIA GeForce notebook graphics driver 185.85 Windows 7 64-bit

Type of motherboard chipsets


In fact, before the several INF Driver Intel have been made compatible with Windows 7 system, but this time for a special Windows7 RC version Beta and Release Notes in the support platform marked the first time Windows 7 system support.

Driver update version Beta include:

1, to support the version of Windows 7 RC.

2, delete the driver package in the “Vista” folder, and the future of the INF all important documents are stored in a unified “ALL” folder.

3, all devices use the products described in the official uniform logo.

4, adding two new equipment ID A000 and A010.

Specific models to support the chip include:

Intel E7210, E7220, E7221, E7230, E7320, E7520, E7525, E8500, E8501, 848P, 865G, 865PE, 865P, 865GV, 875P, 910GE, 910GL, 910GML, 915G, 915P, 915GV, 915GL, 915PL, 915GV, 915PM , 915GM, 915GMS, 925X, 925XE, 940GML, 945G, 945GM, 945GMS, 945P, 945PL, 945PM, 955X, 955XM, 975X, 5000,3000 / 3010,3000 / 3010/3100, Q963, Q965, P965, G965, 946GZ , 946PL, 946GL, GM965, PM965, GL960, G33, G31, P35, G35, GME965, GS965, GLE960, 945GME, Intel 4 series, Intel 5 Series, Mobile Intel 45 Express Chipset

Download: Intel Chipset Intel Chipset Device Software Driver Beta Version For Win2000/XP/2003/XP-64/2003-64/Vista/Vista-64/2008/2008-64/Win7/Win7-64

At the same time, Intel also introduced together with Matrix Storage Manager Driver Beta version, the same support Windows7 RC

Download address: Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver Beta version of Windows 7 32/64-bit

Card type


Realtek’s RTL8169/8110, RTL8168/8111, RTL8101E, RTL8102E series card in the low-end chip has a larger market share, before a system to support the Windows 7 drivers in the Beta version of popular online, this driver’s version number for 7.003.0213, Realtek LAN users can try.

Download: Realtek Realtek LAN Driver 7.003.0213 Beta series version of Windows 7 32/64-bit (L)-RTL8169SB /


Marvell area recently released the latest official version of driver, although there is no clearly marked This driver support Windows7 RC, but according to our tests, this drive has been able to find good work in the system Windows7, recommended to the Marvell card users.

Download Address: Marvell LAN Driver series version of Windows 7 32/64-bit

Audio Class


Realtek audio driver for HD Audio will be able to better support early Windows7 systems, the latest driver version 2.22, an increase of some of the major manufacturers of information and label, and as well the support of the trial Windows7 RC.

Specific models to support the chip include:

ALC880, ALC882, ALC883, ALC885, ALC887, ALC888, ALC889, ALC890, ALC861VC, ALC861VD, ALC660, ALC662, ALC663, ALC665, ALC260, ALC262, ALC267, ALC268, ALC269, ALC272, ALC273, ALC275.

Audio Realtek HD Audio Driver Windows 7 32/64-bit version 2.22

Even the early AC97 chip, Realtek has also released Windows7 driver, Realtek for the old user’s attention and deserves our respect.

Specific models to support the chip include:

ALC100, ALC101, ALC200, ALC201, ALC201A, ALC202, ALC202A, ALC650, ALC655, ALC658, ALC850.

Download: Realtek Realtek AC97 Audio Driver Windows 7 32/64-bit version


Innovation has been slow to update drivers criticized, but Microsoft’s next-generation system in the testing process Win7, but more active, to keep up with the pace. Win7 before the official Beta release, the innovation introduced on the rapid X-Fi sound card driver version 2.18.0008 Beta, but also for the Win7 release was one of the few vendor-driven one, the current Win7 will soon release the official version of RC , the innovation and early response, has released the latest version 2.18.0013 Beta, the main increase in Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect support functions.

Specific models to support the chip include:

X-Fi XtremeMusic, X-Fi XtremeGamer, X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series, X-Fi XtremeGamer, X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series, X-Fi Platinum, X-Fi Fatal1ty, X-Fi Elite Pro, X-Fi

Download: Creative Innovative Sound Blaster X-Fi series sound card driver 2.18.0013 Beta version of Windows 7 32/64-bit

At the same time, innovation has also released a USB external sound card driver version 1.01.0092 Beta

Specific updates include:

1, the amendment inserted in the system is turned on and pull-out audio equipment, will lead to the loss of volume in response to the question panel.

2, solve the model in the entertainment console speaker icon in the issue of loss.

3, as amended wireless music control panel buttons will appear in the volume problem.

Specific models to support the chip include:

X-Fi Go!, X-Fi Notebook, X-Fi Surround 5.1, USB Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Karaoke, Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor, Live! 24-bit External, Digital Music SX, Digital Music PX, Digital Music , Surround 5.1, Sound Blaster Connect, Sound Blaster MP3 +, USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX, USB Sound Blaster Digital Music LX

Download: Creative Innovation Series USB external Sound Blaster sound card driver 1.01.0092 Beta version of Windows 7 32/64-bit


Although VIA VIA Technologies, Inc. has been the focus of work shifted to the mobile platform and the embedded processor platform for the development and promotion, and the chipset in the traditional market has long introduced new products. Although the computer chipset is not the focus of its work, but the VIA chipset for the pre-release driver support is also continuously updated to provide follow-up technical support, which was affirmed by the majority of VIA users. VIA’s recently for the launch of HD Audio audio chip Beta version of the driver to support Windows 7 RC.

Download Address: VIA VIA audio chipset HD Audio driver package Beta version of Windows 7 32/64-bit

Analog Devices SoundMAX

SounMAX is a technical specification, including AudioESP technology, virtual Theater ™ Surround Surround Sound, microphone noise reduction techniques, such as a series of new features, in addition to carrying out SoundMAX drive music players and games, can effectively reduce the CPU occupancy rate, and the music The presence has been greatly enhanced. It is precisely because there are so many advantages, AD line of audio chips have been in hot pursuit of the many hardware manufacturers, ASUS is the most loyal “fans” in its use of high-grade pure AD motherboard audio chips, with SoundMAX drivers.

Download address: Analog Devices SoundMAX HD Audio Audio Driver Beta version of Windows 7 32/64-bit

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