Refused to install the sound card driver solutions visit

Recently installed sound card drivers (security is SIS7012) found that the “Access Denied” issue.

The settlement process:

Drivers have to back up, restore the sound card drivers will still be prompted to install an error, Access Denied. Constant drive installed, tested for more than an hour, or not. Later on in the network found a solution:

See the installation of driver log:

I believe that many people like me, do not know if the log file to install driver is x: / windows / setupapi.log (one X on behalf of the letter where windows operating system)

Setupapi.log where I found in the following section of

# I054 Interfaces installed.
# -166 Equipment installation function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
# I123 for “PCI \ VEN_13F6 & DEV_0111 & SUBSYS_011113F6 & REV_10 \ 4 & 1674F76A & 0 & 4840” complete the installation.
# E008 Setting registry value is HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunOnce \ MSPCLOCK
# E033 Error 5: Access Denied.
# E065 in the “c: \ documents and settings \ administrator \ Desktop \ cmi8738 \ cmaudio.inf” the [DeviceRegistration] paragraphs “AddReg” failure. Error 5: Access Denied.
# E064 analysis of the installation of “c: \ documents and settings \ administrator \ Desktop \ cmi8738 \ cmaudio.inf” the [KS.Registration] paragraph failure. Error 5: Access Denied.
# E122 equipment failure. Error 5: Access Denied.
# E154 Type failed to install the program. Error 5: Access Denied.

There is certainly reason to refuse to visit, and a close look at and found the registry values of the red, then open the registry manager, find runonce Show permissions and found that there is no user, of course, it refused to visit, I’m manually add users to re-install the driver successfully. Estimated that the upgrade is unsuccessful drive this issue.

On how to set permissions:

Check the above that, right-click it and then select “permissions” to set up inside it.

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