Audio Device Manager will show the “Microsoft HD Audio” can not uninstall

The issue of the phenomenon:

1. Realtek HD Audio Driver installation failed, Device Manager will show the sound card “Microsoft HD Audio”, can not be uninstalled.

2. Device Manager display sound card Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus, and for the question mark or exclamation point, and sound card drivers installed when prompted to install failed!


To solve the problem we must first know the principle, first, let me talk about HD Audio principle. HD Audio is a High Definition Audio (Hi-Fi audio) acronym, formerly known as Azalia, is Intel and Dolby (Dolby) companies to launch a new generation of audio norms. HD Audio was designed to replace the existing norms AC’97 audio with AC’97 have much in common, a certain procedure can be described as an enhanced version of AC’97, but it does not backward compatible with AC’97 standards. AC’97 it provided on the basis of a new connection line to support higher-quality audio and more. AC’97 compared with the existing, HD Audio with large bandwidth data transmission, audio playback accuracy high, to support multi-channel audio input microphone array, CPU occupancy rate of the lower and ground floor can be common, such as driver characteristics. HD Audio driver is divided into two: drive the bus (Bus Driver) and function-driven (Function Drivers ), of which the “bus driver” is the drive to achieve the most basic audio functions will be integrated into a unified operating system. At present, in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000 system is the Microsoft HD Audio Bus Driver, generally known as structure for the Universal Audio (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver. “function driver” is a special function to achieve the functional drive, including the audio control panel software, provided by the CODEC chip manufacturers. the problem is generated: when the system search HD chip will be installed in the system, bringing the bus driver, followed by HD if the chip plant in addition to function-driven drive outside the general line drive that contains the conflict came. like Realtek’s HD Audio bus driver in the existence of the Windows HD will be prompted to install “Audio HD Driver installation failed” message, and the Device Manager will show the sound card “Microsoft HD Audio” can not uninstall, do not provide audio functions, and fix this Bug in the KB888111 patch released in January 2005 already exists in the system, and can only be uninstalled once, means that the patch can not be the method by removing the bus driver to delete. Another example is when reinstalling the system, if the first Windows-installed after HD bus driver sound card installed, some problems will occur.

To solve the problem:

1. To enter safe mode (or the corresponding file will automatically restore the drive), the abolition of the system file protection will not need to enter safe mode.

2. To enter the X: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers, delete Hdaudbus.sys, Hdaudio.sys (hda If there is also the head of the cut on this two).

3. To enter the Device Manager. First out in the opening of the “Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio”, the device will be playing at this time! “.” And then the right -> point “Microsoft UAA Bus Driverfor High Definition Audio”, delete, delete will be able to successfully system out of the bus driver hd. (sound out of it there is no safe mode, delete the bus equivalent to delete it).

4. Resumption of the return to normal mode, the familiar “Found New Hardware” screen on the back of you, immediately after the abolition of all systems installed version of the corresponding driver Realtek HD sound card now, this was no longer a conflict.

5. After the installation is successful resumption of the audio system display, the voice of long time and come back!

If this does not solve the problem, when you installed HD Audio sound card series can be installed as the following methods. First of all, the system there are no HD bus driver, facie X: \ Windows \ system32 \ Drivers \ in there Hdaudbus. sys, Hdaudio.sys documents and, if all the delete, and then the sound card installed.

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