When windows prompts to install the sound card hardware drivers not found

As a result of such failure is generally the first driver did not load the normal completion, or CONFIG.SYS, automatic batch file AUTOEXEC.BAT, DOSSTART.BAT document has been running for a sound card driver, which can be will be run inside a file to remove the driver can, of course, the above-mentioned can also delete the three files to resolve the fault. If the above three documents in which there is no documentation, and drivers do not get loaded again, this time the need to modify the registry, click “Start” menu – “Run” dialog box, type in “regedit” enter, will be sound card to delete registry entries related (such as the sound card model ALS300, click on the registry of the “edit” – “Find”, enter ALS300, then find the bytes to remove, and then F3 to Find Next , then will find the option to delete).

There is also a most simple way is to insert a sound card slot, re-found the new equipment, into its driver can solve the problem. Although the second method seems simple, but we address the failure or the first principle of software appropriate for the hardware, but before the first method in the user guide from the best registry backup first in case something bad happens to you.

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