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With the development of notebook applications, intel introduced the concept of the Centrino notebook notebook has been used more and more lovers of all ages.

Centrino, English abbreviation: Centrino, English translation: Intel Centrino mobile technology. Intel’s laptop specially designed for the development of a chipset name, the computer industry in our country often referred to as “Centrino.” “Centrino” is a strong computing power, long battery life, with mobility, wireless connectivity features such as the Internet CPU, chipset and wireless card combination of the name.

Centrino mobile technology is Intel’s are made for the mobile computer’s wireless mobile computing technology solutions, which includes: Intel chipset support, Intel’s mobile processor, Intel’s 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking card.

First of all, a “small errors” need to clarify, we often say that the Centrino Carmel, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa platform, the Centrino is not a so-called one generation 2 generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation (Intel official does not have the name), in fact, they all belong to one area of Centrino, Centrino is just one of the different versions of it.

Intel launched Centrino in the last one in a Santa Rosa platform and the latest official Centrino 2 platform, in addition to chipset + processor + wireless card三大件this tradition, but also added some new “material”, This is the Turbo Memory module (core, code-named Robson, English name of “Turbo Memory”). Turbo Memory is in fact a NAND Flash module, the use of NAND flash memory as a hard disk cache to significantly improve the speed of data reading and writing purposes. Can be expected in the Centrino 2, as well as on a new platform for the future, Turbo Memory module will be used more and more high-frequency, become more universal.

Intel official claimed include Turbo Memory Optimize the effect of:

1. To shorten the boot time will be part of Turbo Memory on boot up files directly to accelerate access to shorten the waiting time for the system to boot.

2. To improve application response in order to replace the Turbo Memory hard drive, as the application’s data buffer to speed up the access speed.

3. To speed up the application to open, the processor can quickly open applications to obtain the data needed to shorten the delay time to reduce the wait.

4. To enhance Vista performance, Turbo Memory can support three to speed up Vista operating system functions, including Ready Boost, Ready Drive, Superfetch.

5. To save electricity, the data pre-stored in the Turbo Memory on in order to reduce the hard disk spinning time, saving electricity.

In 2003, Intel officially announced the launch of wireless mobile computing technology brands: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Centrino mobile computing technology. On behalf of the Intel Centrino laptop for the best technology, based on the new micro-structure of mobile processors and wireless connectivity and battery life, lightweight form factor and mobile performance with enhanced features. The origin of the name Centrino in the Center (Central) and Neutrino (neutrinos) the combination of, on behalf of a small, fast, and powerful device.

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Intel, Intel Turbo Memory Driver the latest version of For Vista/Vista-64 

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