HP notebook HP Compaq Presario CQ40-313AX install XP and the drive

HP’s hot up in this 14-inch Intel-based Centrino 2 platform, CQ45, and AMD-based relative of the PUMA platform CQ40, these two series are basically the same in appearance, and CQ40 series is excellent by virtue of PUMA platform price than to become the main market of the main low-end entry-Products! AMD-ATI HD decoding at the application of unique strength is not by Intel, and CQ4 The 780G and HD3450 also support the mixed-fire, to a large extent, not only to enhance graphics performance at idle when using integrated graphics output it is a good way to energy-saving, but at the installation of XP operating system and hardware time-driven, but some are through a rather twisty path.

After a lot of time testing, 100% found the perfect way to easy installation, has been installed on several machines. Notebook system using 3.0 version of perfection can be directly installed, installed after the remaining sound card, wireless card does not recognize the two drives, sound cards can be used to install the following drivers.

Installation disk download Address: http://www.ghostxp3.com/html/ghost/soft954.html

Sound card installation method:

UAA drivers to install one:


2. Re-install the sound card driver


Note: If after installing sound card driver sound black … black … there is sonic boom, go to Control Panel find IDT Audio control panel, put the “Enable power management features” removed,啪…啪… there will be no voice; if no sound after restart, please reinstall sound card driver, restart it will not appear again the same situation.

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver



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