thinkpad T400 system installed server 2003 driver download

The use of laptops in general to the most common desktop applications, installation is, of course, like the XP desktop operating system, therefore, the official website of the notebook brand driver for Windows XP is to provide a very comprehensive nature; However, under specific circumstances (such as 51nb Forum on the administrator, using IBM notebook to do when the web server plug-in hard drive and the FTP Service to use, linked to three non-driven, a layer of dust flooded), in a notebook if you want to win server 2003 operating system installed, then the driver how do? Of course, there are ways such as a thinkpad T400 The system server 2003 to install necessary drivers for example.

Under normal circumstances, the server version of the notebook was only a few channels for the driver to seek official help, try the next driver xp, online search is the last U.S. test loaded the experience, the following examples is the search experience a lot of friends, organize and into.

First of all, win server 2003 operating system installation, patch sp2 remember playing, otherwise there can be a problem to install the sound card. Of course, recommend the installation of a better win server 2008, driven by the basic identification of the whole.

Most of the official T400 driver installed in 2003 under the normal, necessary to compatibility mode (right-point setup, change the compatibility mode for Windows xp), change the version (the MSI file with ORCA’s Version of a corresponding LaunchCondition delete data); such as to card is not too loaded up, right at the installation process, change the compatibility mode for Windows xp), change the version (the MSI file with ORCA’s Version of a corresponding LaunchCondition delete data, somewhat similar to the changes when Kaspersky is installed in win under the 2003 server); In addition, there is a friend Tip: use system comes with the network card driver, manual Setup “selection device” card “> and then select the companies in” intel “> then select” 82567lm2 “.

Popular now automatically install the driver assist systems software, such as the use of life-driven, automatically updated selection, almost all can be identified and automatically installed, if not, you can try the next driver wizard, but this software should not be used in the agent environment, little regret.

On the Thinkpad T400 installed Win 2003 can not shutdown after the solution has a built-Friends are measured camera driver (SWTOOLS \ DRIVERS \ camera) reasons, to disable the normal after the shutdown; this case, Linker in the maintenance of HP 6531s when, and for other drivers on the camera has become; If you can not find the right can be taken when using the camera enabled the hardware drivers, when not in use, disable the hardware.

Wireless card driver. Rar:
Lenovo Fingerprint Software3.msi:
SDIO card driver. Rar:

Finally, the required point in particular to add, there is at once for the T400 driver installed win server 2003 when a friend making difficult, in particular, all the driver package for the U.S. download, ThinkPad T400 for 2003 driver download (using Xunlei download should not so easy to failure) the use of “Drive Life” can restore the backup.

Provided by forest blog T400 for 2003 driver download skydriver Spaces:, extract the password, go to here to view:, In addition, also send a Rayfile network hard drive A:

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