Modified graphics drivers for the Thinkpad T400 ATI HD 3470 graphics card to install a suitable driver

Referred to modify the installation process, Linker since before the first association for win2003 Server Edition Kaspersky Anti-Virus software installed, the installation of monitoring because of Kaspersky’s operating system version, so the market of non-server version of the Kaspersky software is Can not install on the server operating system, but can be installed by modifying the process, lose sight of this testing, so that we can achieve in a normal installation on the server; of course, after the installation of the conflict in which the Board can not so much. The following case is an improved method, the official did not Thinkpad T400 ATI HD 3470 graphics card for xp and to provide for windows7 version of the graphics driver, then can be modified to achieve the normal installation and use.

Lenovo Thinkpad T400 notebook, dual graphics cards, that is, an independent ATI512MB memory card, an Intel GMA integrated graphics. The benefits of this design is that when considering the power, switch to the integrated graphics; required when high-performance, switch to an independent graphics card. However, this feature is currently only under Windows Vista implementation, Windows XP is the old system, Windows 7 Beta systems, the time being, there is no corresponding driver, so the two operating systems can not achieve dual-card switching function.

Search for information from the Internet that is not a lot of notebook hardware vendors to ATI (now incorporated into AMD) to provide hardware information, so official ATI graphics cards are not applicable to these drivers. Fortunately, the network mentioned on the corresponding solution: modify the program can use the “custom” one driver.

1, the first computer in the local search on the name of a series of sound cards: In the “My computer” right-view property, in the “hardware” in the startup tab “Device Manager”, find the bottom, will find the “display card “can demonstrate that the local name of a series of graphics cards. Machine than that shown as “ATI MObility Radeon HD 3400”.

Two, the official website to download the official driver: to or download the official ATI drivers; at such as / support / drive.html, in accordance with the system you select the appropriate driver, open the download page. Select “Radeon HD 3400 Series” family of drivers, did not pay attention to the series “Mobility” of the word. Can be seen at download when there is two links, documents of different sizes, the larger the download, that is, with the ATI “Catalyst” driver controller.

Third, download the driver modify the program: to download called “AMD Mobility Series instrument display driver modification” of the software, then installed on the machine.

Four, modify graphics driver installation process: run the official driver download, it will self-extracting, default location is C: \ ATI \ support below, extract the finish, but not to immediately install; start “AMD Mobility Series display driver modification instrument “, the location of the address bar to navigate to the driver extract the directory, run the modified moment on the show to amend a success.

Friday, modified after the installation of graphics drivers: to extract the driver directory, run inside the setup.exe, to install drivers. At this point the driver to fit the hardware of the machine. If you do not modify the program to run directly to install, will show the “hardware error” prompt. For insurance purposes, can be modified to preserve the driver to other parts of the system for re-use, if you do not want to install with the installation process, you can use the hardware manager to upgrade the driver would not install the catalyst control panel, etc. supporting software.

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