Windows 7 version of the NVIDIA graphics driver version 181.71

The two camps of today’s graphics cards, ATI and NVIDIA, the occupancy rate of both markets, as are front cpu like intel and amd, a variety of new products new technologies come and go, and let everyone enjoy the full benefits of competition. Today, windows7 version of NVIDIA driver version, the official has been released, the version number is 181.71, which is a taste of delicacy windows7 general are concerned, for the official release after windows7 are good news.

In a press release today, NVIDIA announced the Windows 7 Beta really support the graphics driver version 181.71.

In this version of NV graphics cards will start the Windows 7 Beta machines to support Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.1, Enhanced 2D and 3D application performance, in addition also has a number of improvements in Windows 7.

Download: NVIDIA Graphics Supercharge Microsoft Windows 7

The new driver updates include:

1, install WDDM v1.1, Series GeForce 8,9200 for DirectX 10 GPU.

2, install WDDM v1.0, for GeForce 6,7 series DirectX 9 GPU.

3, support for Direct3D, Direct2D and DirectWrite.

4, support NVIDIA CUDA technology.

5, support for NVIDIA PhysX (driver package will automatically install the PhysX System Software 9.09.0203 version, support for all GeForce 8,9200 series GPU).

6, support for NVIDIA SLI DirectX 9, DirectX 10, OpenGL applications.

Unfortunately, Linker of windows7 systems are now still on hold at the, although the release of windows7 constantly new and improved version, but the computer is a Linker can only use the xp life, regardless of version windows7 than the vista, the number of improved performance, up in practicality, the current application, or the most convenient for the xp. Microsoft, you should consider more, go farther.

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