Realtek AC97 Vista/Windows7 update sound card driver download

AC97 Vista/Winows7 released the latest driver version, Supported models include: ALC100, ALC101, ALC200, ALC201, ALC201A, ALC202, ALC202A, ALC650, ALC655, ALC658, ALC850.

Onboard sound card at this stage has been completely into the HD Audio era with us for many years before the system AC97 gradually gone from us, disappeared in the long river of history. In the drive, the major audio chip manufacturers have already stopped updating, Win2000/XP drivers are no longer updated, let alone Vista, and even the latest driver of Win7.

But there is a vendor is an exception, it is our concern and love has always been “small crabs” Realtek. At once the reader has asked about the comments about Realtek AC97 Win7 message-driven, was the real author of the ideas of individuals are: the estimated Realtek driver AC97 Win7 release is unlikely, since it has been a long time are out of things. But I think in fact a mistake, Realtek old and new users for paying great attention to the ordinary people are not in view. Realtek except for such respect and support of vendors, but also do not know what to say!

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Realtek Realtek AC97 Audio Driver For Vista/Vista-64/Win7/Win7-64 version

Users can also be wizard-driven software update online

Elven Mydrivers-driven 2008 B5.2 version download Address:

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