AHCI mode optical equipment to solve \ device \ harddisk1 \ d problem

Either refresh the desktop, the refresh can not be accessed on the prompt C: \ documents and Settings \ all users \ desktop in this folder has been moved or deleted; or is in normal use, a sudden blue screen directly, not after restart hard drive, watch movies, where to place will be a blue screen. Based on the performance of these failures, the judge obviously is that the hard disk has a Bad Track. HDtune to scan the hard disk with no errors, but the test write and read speed very slow, 3M or so, this is not normal. Have a situation, are in the system log and found a series of red log error:

Device \ device \ harddisk1 \ d access is not yet ready

Linker previously encountered a case of the office computer and the above-mentioned failures, and apart from the hard disk on the outside, and the host also has a direct bearing on power, when the power supply (or external power supply voltage, current conditions, or for the power quality is the host) has not been time, will be directly reflected in performance on the hard disk, and some will be caused by the use of hard disk aging, there will be a very short time which physics Bad Track. Limited conditions, the host side there is no power available, but to think of other ways.

For the time being a serial data line, then there is no other search may look, it also concluded a number of:

First, if an IDE hard disk interface to the power from the power status job status (Power-off → Power-on → Ready) required more than the motherboard BIOS to boot from the IDE DEVICE detection time, then there will be the hard disk can not be Problem detected. Solution to the problem: after boot Del key to enter the BIOS SETUP, and then find the name Boot delay time or the IDE delay time parameter of (different BIOS may have different names, but similar meaning), the parameters of the setting an appropriate extension of the time parameter. Finally press F10 key to select Exit to save.

Two, if the IDC interface, try to IDC data from trial under the anti-plug.

Three, the hard disk partition table may be wrong, some trial software to repair the partition table, the instance Disk Genius 3;

Four, the next狠招, another hard disk under test; unlikely.

Five, and then step in trouble, again operating system;

Six, is the most likely, harddisk1 not hard, but cd or dvd drive. Check in bios set up, and drive settings in the operating system. This is most likely, because the operating system in the Friends, the drive is shown as a removable disk, which is clearly wrong.
Case: http://phorums.com.au/archive/index.php/t-111353.html

Tried a variety of ways, and constantly had to restart one afternoon, and we have not redo the system, and later with friends to discuss only the information that it needed little to back up, that is, collection of some of the contents of the folder;说嘛morning, said that early long ago to do a direct system.

NOT because of his off-the-shelf CD-ROM, although there is drive, but with no way; this was not a thorny issue.

Download maxdos, installed, and then the rain forest wind download Ghost XP SP3 installed version YN9.9 official version, this should be the rain forest of wind made the mountain. Test after the rain forest wind ghost version of the AHCI to cope with the hard drive interface, natural, and not start a blue screen, very convenient, extremely intimate, notebook serial port mode after playing on many of the easy.

Ghost put the iso file download, use winrar to open, extract the system inside ylmf.gho, copy to the root directory of the last general to facilitate the reduction. Maxdos then after the installation, restart the instrument into the maxdos mode, select Start ghost, then restore, restore, mirror on the use of just extracting the ylmf.gho, restored after the restart, it began the installation of xp trip.

After the installation, install the driver all right, drive it back to normal, the system does not log the natural “device \ device \ harddisk1 \ d access is not yet ready” mistake.

Because of time constraints, not ruled out prior to “refresh the desktop cache file is missing,” Whether or not a blue screen and have a direct bearing on the operating system, redo the system to replace the sata data cable may not be able to solve this problem, the feeling is probably the biggest problem power, this left the future to resolve the error bar.

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