Sound Card Cmd

Start here if you have no idea why sound is not playing

Go to a shell and type: aplay -l
Success – You will get a list of the all the soundcards installed on your system. Your sound just might be muted. See alsamixer section.

Failure – You will get a message like aplay: device_list:221: no soundcard found…  Move on to step 2.
Type this into the shell: lspci -v

*Success – At this point, you should see your sound card listed. This is a positive sign because it means that Ubuntu is detecting the presence of your soundcard, but the drivers are not installed/running. Leave your shell running since you will need it.

*Failure – If it is not listed, then there are a few things that you can do.

**If your soundcard is an onboard sound card, then it might be disabled in the system’s BIOS. You will have to reboot and hit the key that lets you enter into the BIOS (usually Delete, F2, or F8).

*If your soundcard is not onboard, make sure that it is properly seated in the PCI slot. If your card is working under Windows then this is not a problem.

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