How to choose the right hardware device drivers

The reason for the driver you are familiar with, like to know the same understanding of the operating system driver is because the operating system driver is accompanied by the emergence of growing popularity played a role. Driver is designed to serve a variety of hardware specific software, the “driven” The name is also specified in the image of its functions. It is through the driver, a variety of hardware devices to work properly, can achieve the effect of the work. Therefore, the driver known as the “hardware of the Soul”, “to dominate the hardware” and “hardware and system bridge between the” and so on, but how to choose a variety of driver procedures?

In theory, all the hardware equipment is needed to install the appropriate driver to work properly, but in our day-to-day phenomenon, there are exceptions, such as CPU, memory, motherboards, floppy, keyboard, monitor and other equipment does not need Drivers can also be installed to work, and graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, etc. has to be installed on the driver, otherwise it would not work correctly, this is why?

This was mainly due to the hardware for a personal computer is an essential service and therefore the early designers such as BIOS hardware can directly support the hardware, the hardware is installed after the BIOS and operating system can be direct support, no longer need to install drivers, which to say, BIOS is also a driver (basic input and output procedures), but for other hardware, such as: network card, sound card, video card, etc. In addition they must be exclusively in the operating system platform to install a driver, otherwise the hardware will not be able to work properly.

Select the version of the driver, the basic can be divided into: the official version, Microsoft WHQL certified version of a third party (partners) driver, enthusiasts modified version, Beta test version.

Official version of drive means in accordance with the chip design developed by the manufacturers, and through repeated testing, as amended, and ultimately released through official channels from the official version of the driver, also known as the public version of driver. Usually official version of the publication including the official website of the publication and CD-ROM included with the hardware products of these two methods. Stability, good compatibility is an official version of the biggest bright spot-driven, but also from enthusiasts modified version with the beta version of the salient features. Therefore recommend the use of ordinary users official version, but like a taste of delicacy, reflecting personality players are recommended to use a modified version of enthusiasts and Beta test version.

Some relatively strong firms in the official version released before the application will normally be Microsoft WHQL certification test (many manufacturers benchmark driver includes WHQL certification testing of the project), so we see a lot of official drivers are released through the Microsoft WHQL certification, but this certification is not absolutely through the project, some smaller vendors products official version of drivers without WHQL certification also purely normal circumstances.

WHQL certification is the world’s largest manufacturer of personal operating system software of Microsoft in order to ensure system stability and compatibility launched a benchmark certification system. The original English text of which is Windows Hardware Quality Labs, Chinese means “the operating system Microsoft Hardware Quality Labs certification.” This laboratory is mainly engaged in computer hardware products with the Windows operating system driver compatibility and stability testing, if passed the test to prove that this product with the Windows operating system can achieve 100 percent compatible, so that computer systems to achieve unprecedented stability . Microsoft provides all WHQL-certified products have been awarded the “DesignedforWindows” logo, and its related information will appear on the official website of Microsoft’s hardware and operating system compatibility list (HCL) in order to facilitate inquiries. WHQL certification process is very strict, therefore adopted a WHQL certified driver can be said that the basic Windows system compatibility problems do not exist. The greatest driver in this category is characterized by high stability, and Microsoft operating system compatibility, and usually we recommend to the user’s choice through the Microsoft WHQL certified driver version.

Generally refers to a third-party driver hardware products OEM manufacturers release optimization based on the official driver from the driver. Third-party drivers have the stability, good compatibility, based on the official version of driver optimization and formal than the official version of the function have a more comprehensive and more robust overall performance characteristics. Drive the choice of brands for users, we recommend users to first select the appropriate hardware OEM manufacturers brand their own R & D-driven, followed by the public version driven; for assembly machine users, the choice of third-party driver may be relatively complex, and thus official Edition drive is still the first choice. Some relatively strong OEM manufacturers such as the early launch of the drive ELSA functional very powerful, and some version of the driver in the overall performance can even say it has gone beyond the public version of driver. Under normal circumstances a third party can also be driven directly to other OEM manufacturers of similar products, but function is likely to be some restrictions.

All along, the fans are very often used to describe the game enthusiasts, as enthusiasts modified version of the driver is the first to appear in the video card driver’s, as many enthusiasts of the game’s frenetic performance expectations for graphics cards is relatively high This time manufacturers released on the graphics card drivers are often unable to meet the needs of gamers, so as modified to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts more functional requirements will come into being a graphics driver. Today, the enthusiast driver, also known as modified version revision drive is modified by the driver, and he did not specifically refer to the revised driver, because of the early revision is driven mostly for the purpose of enhancing the performance of graphics cards, so again these revision drive version called the accelerated drive. Modified version of enthusiasts compared to other categories of drivers, in the functional on the stronger side of products to support more widely, some revision driver also has the highly individualistic colors, we recommend that this type of driver with special needs or favorite new friends! For instance, here’s X-FI sound card innovation repair installation scripts to download the latest drivers and innovation that put an end to the development of talented programmers Audigy sound card Vista driven sound card tycoon innovative third-party driver to stop the tide of events triggered network.

Beta refers to, like we are now testing as windows7 Beta 7000 version is in the testing stage, has not yet formally issued driver. Such drive in the stability of compatibility and functionality and the other categories are quite different to drive. Reason this type of driver should not have appeared in front of users, but for various reasons, for example, manufacturers should be eager to taste of delicacy in parts of the user’s requirements to make advance payments, manufacturers in order to expand the scope of the test release, a number of media leaks and so on internal testing, we still use the beta version of drivers. The beta version of drivers under normal circumstances we do not recommend users! At the same time, a taste of delicacy and risk is always there, so the use of Beta beta-driven user fails to do well mentally prepared for that.

Driver installation sequence:

Motherboard chipset (Chipset) → graphics (VGA) → Audio (Audio) → NIC (LAN) → wireless LAN (Wireless LAN) → infrared (IR) → touchpad (Touchpad) → PCMCIA controller (PCMCIA) → reader (Flash Media Reader) → modem (Modem) → Other (such as the TV card, CDMA Internet adapter, etc.). Not by the order of the installation is likely to lead to the failure of some software installation. Of course, hackers can also proposed “the most scientific driver installation order”, a detailed analysis of the installation of the driver of the knowledge that the order of 2 log.

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