Antivirus software document damage caused by the sound card driver sound card silent fault

Operating system used in the normal process, there are many unexpected situations can lead to system files breach, which led to system problems, driver course, there will be such a phenomenon, but this phenomenon are usually better than less, in which cases, and by the system disk to repair finishing outside of the disk, reinstall the driver is also a relatively good recovery methods, but often, due to the performance of the normal sound card drivers, though silent, it did not take heavy sound card driver problem, thus suspect that the hardware, to the extent that in the “going astray.”

Colleagues is a programmer can be regarded as a kind of older programmers, and the family spent a long time ago, “a large sum of money” bought him a laptop at home to write procedures, and configuration is not high, but also for many years he made a contribution; With the growth of the use of time, the old notebook also gradually increasing, and often from his notebook to me to move on to “witness.” First, bright-line LCD screen, this cable has a problem, a lazy drag a few days later, the voice did not sound card, which he can not stand, and moved to the火急火燎my office.

He asked about the situation, notebook sound card has been used stability, does not appear that “suddenly silent” phenomenon, but a little slower system operation, in the “Device Manager” do not show the normal sound card drivers, but “control panel “in the voice of the properties panel shows no sound equipment, a gray interface options, there may be a hardware problem, of course, can not be completely ruled out the issue of operating system and hardware drivers.

Room has previously removed the old desktop to the USB sound card, plug in to the future, install a good driver, you can say anything, but the sound quality is very poor, it is virtually impossible to put up with, listening to is not as good as not listening, do not use might as well; moment did not mind, anyway, no idle thoughts, as the computer system to run more slowly, the decision to the maintenance of the system about the system installed and running Kaspersky, 360 security guards, as well as other Trojans, remove plug-ins category of software, to return all non-system software, process, and then clean up a bit systems, the last in the system tray area on the right attributes – Tools – errors – the beginning of inspections, check box “Automatically fix file system errors”, ” Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors “, and then follow the prompts to choose” yes “, reboot the system.

After finishing disk repair, restart again, obviously the speed of sensory system to start to improve, and after entering the desktop software is also relatively smooth running of many once again view the control panel options, such as sound card drivers still do not optional gray.

Continue to search online for a while just found a possible: Some security, antivirus software may manslaughter normal system files, system files resulting in damage to the sound card is also one of the reasons for not audible; give it a try with the mentality of The article referred to several documents and computer sound system in more than a right, and from the Internet to download a file called audiosrv.dll system copied to the system folder, restart shutdown, along with a “resonant” start-up sound, the system to enter the login screen, long the voice is back!

Audiosrv.dll in accordance with the document suggests that the Internet search found that 360 security guards will audiosrv.dll document as a “QQ Trojan ones” removed, the files belong to the sound card services must be used in public documents, it is damaged or been deleted, sound card of course, a silent immediately.

The solution is very simple, download audiosrv.dll copied to the System Folder on OK.

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