CMI8738 sound card is installed after the network is sometimes not high-level control of audio controller Gray

Abstract: Failure: Since the installation of 8738 after the computer sound card driver can not network, by checking the network to normal, but some time but the volume controller in the “Advanced Control” is a fixed point of gray.

User question:
My sound card is an independent model: CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device card. But the sound card installed on 8738, when the network broadcast movies or songs will be interrupted, once the closure of players, the network on the good, and bad is that if a page while browsing in video, audio (for example, play games, watch movies online listening to music, etc.) network on the Internet can not be interrupted, shut down or withdraw from enough. This is what ah? See the Device Manager, there is no conflict there is the phenomenon but the volume controller in the “Advanced Control” is a fixed point gray ah. I need to check it at the senior control “zoom microphone.” Can be fixed is the point. CMI should bring their own sound card and a mixer mixer mixer I could not open. Is there any mixer tray icon to open after I point is WINDOWS volume control interface, and the small speakers is open is the same. Later, I came online to the mixer equipped with a handy. But the point of opening the “microphone to enlarge” This option is gray or fixed point ah

Answer: 8738 sound card driver is not AC97 standards, the problem may be caused by driver, for PCI slot, for drivers, dxdiag will speed up the closure of the voice,

Completely remove the original drive, and then installed a new driver. Before I have encountered a similar situation, engage in a long time, you try it, perhaps you can solve the problem.

Then double-click the exclamation point, stressed there are sound card driver Properties window in the driver choose to update drivers. And then update driver wizard to choose – from a list or specific location. Then find your sound card driver cmi8738 download directory is located. And in accordance with the system you are now the right choice. Such as the 2000 system, the choice of win200.xp This is an option, such as win xp.

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