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Some time ago when contact with the collection system, with the locomotive Acquisition System 2.0, contacted later, a simple read the handbook, that function is very strong, because before too should have suspected that such a system, see, very Is surprising, download, the local structures in the phpwind the environment, Shi Leshi, feel very good, testing, acquisition date (this engine is also written in your collection laggards to the Forum, the fish is also generous enough), Very good and in fact spent, the 2.0 has the function of a very strong, especially the acquisition phpwind and discuz Forum, the function is very strong; discuz is to test the acquisition Yingzheng, collected the phpwind forum, the effect is pretty good This inverted so that I would like to, if there is no version of the conversion process, and this acquisition is not bad, the local environment structures, and from this version of the collection to another version of the Forum to, although not quite perfect, can not be easily converted back to , But not the low hand, this is a pretty good.

Later, Xiangleyixia guess, to see whether the acquisition blog, the blog is now so hot, so the fire also feature blog, if the blog can be collected, not even the cattle » Examination of the 2.0 collection, in the establishment of rules, a garbled, this garbled the reasons is of course utf-8 from this source version of choice when the source is the type of source selection rules pages, but In the establishment of rules, does not work, I started thinking that no choice of the type of source, but found after the establishment of rules and does not work, is very frustrating!

Shi Leshi followed by the acquisition of other systems, such as small bees, I do not know how the case, the acquisition can not be found when there are pages, network access is not available; Are acquisition system is built on the reasons for the local » This is also no further testing, acquisition of the blog will put things down.

Yesterday suddenly think, locomotive collection system is also available in the 1.2 version, see the Forum on public reaction 1.2 is pretty good, a lot of people on this version also from the Nanshe difficult this morning on the next down, to try a very good, Pages in the establishment of rules can choose the type of source utf-8, and then query the definition of a Web site, normal; uh, this is expected to appear on the collection blog!

Not find a health topic on a blog collection, very good; phpwind in the local establishment of the above, the establishment of eight threads, the topic quickly to blog acquisition completed, a total of over 2,000 articles. , The collection system is very powerful ah!

However, from another view, not necessarily high version of the procedure is useful, is the senior, the right is the best. However, the 2.0 version of the engine upgrade is not a good reason forfurther growth, an increase of many of the latest version of the Forum process, cms system support and release a lot of fast speed.

Acquisition, in a proper way, used in a proper way!

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