In order to dust wrapped speaker will be the consequences to you

Yesterday, I suddenly do not sound speaker Edifier the (speaker bought long time ago). In the event of failure before the work has been normal, and today it is normal for the closure of computers,

I went back to buy food and other computer, open the speaker, the speaker found that there were no reports of pleasant voices.
Depressed, the computer also turn on a turn, huh, huh. I tentatively agree that the sound card drivers may be the problem, then reinstall the driver again, resulting in speaker or not audible, then with the replacement of law, to find a headset, plug it in the sound card’s “Line Out” output mouth, and an MP3 music player, the results of headphones can speak out to prove that there is no problem with the sound card drivers, it appears that the problem lies in the speaker.

Have found the culprit, so I opened the speakers, plug in the power, using a multimeter measuring the input and output transformers, the voltages were normal. Prove that there is no problem with the transformer, that is not part of the power failure. Then I put the volume knob to adjust the most, speaker of the speaker issued a buzzing sound (in buying speakers is to judge the good and bad ways), it appears that Speaker did not burn, the problem would not be too much. Based on past experience, speakers generally do not sound external components or amplifier damage, so I plug in power again, after 10 minutes, hand-to-Speaker of the power amplifier, feeling just a little bit warm, if it is damaged , will only become very hot or there is no temperature, but this speaker design relatively simple, only a power amplifier, power does not matter very much, so it is unlikely to burn. So I checked the power and carefully around the capacitors and resistors, also did not find anything unusual, and finally left the bridge, with an estimated problem lies here. Because the speaker power 10 minutes after the bridge should be fever, but the bridge is cool, it seems there is no current through. The bridge model is RS306L, has four legs. Bridge is actually play a balanced role of resistance in order to match the impedance of the circuit, and its principle is to connect four resistors both into the ring, and then leads to 4 feet, the use of R1 × R2 = R3 × R4 circuit impedance match (pictured).

Took note of this step should be very careful, do not generally have to learn the circuit do not propose to do so, otherwise they will burn other components, I’ll have problems down the welding, using a multimeter output resistance were measured and found that 1,4-pin resistance value is zero, while the 1,2 feet; 2,3 feet; 3,4 feet are between the resistance shows that open resistance R3. Soldering iron was used under the bridge to the electronic market to buy a new one. As the friend’s speaker older models, so this bridge has not sold, they used models for the KBP307 replacement bridge, KBP307 and RS306L internal circuit identical, only slightly larger than the former power. The new bridge replaced buy, check correctly, and then connected to speakers and computer, boot it a try, ears came the sounds of music. At this point, troubleshooting. Finally, KBP307 bridge 1 foot for now, 4 feet for the negative, 2,3 feet exchange output, we do not pay attention when welding access wrong.

Click here for summary of failure should be the speaker of my heat caused by bad, because I speakers on in order to avoid dust accumulation on the plastic bags it sets a严严实实, and listening to music, watching VCD when not Remove the plastic bag, but the speakers work to fever, body heat inside the non-scattered off the long run on the internal electronic components had a negative impact, leading to bridge the long-term work and burned at high temperatures. Therefore, my friends usually have to pay attention to speakers do a good job of cooling, but the volume should not be stressed too much, at least around the speaker to maintain more than 10 centimeters of space, as far as possible the speaker when not in power-down.

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