Sound card two cases of failure

Fault One: friends computer configuration is as follows: P42.4B GHz ASRock 845PE motherboard KinMax DDR400 256MB RAM Geforce4 MX440-8x graphics cards, hard disk 7200.780GB Seagate, 16 × DVD-ROM, the Great Wall 250S power installed Win XP system has been running good.

Recently, the installation of camera and microphone problems, first of all, you are prompted to connect the camera to find new hardware, the installation of cameras and associated software drivers. Restart your machine when the headset plug in the way, while the voices of Winndows start from the headset in the news. Try first camera, the frequency of normal, and then test the microphone, start Windows recording procedures, ground-breaking recording button,对着话筒speak, after the completion of player knows that there is no sound! So check the hardware connection, to re-plug-plug again, that does not work, check the software settings, everything will be all right, did not find anything abnormal. Recording process is not broken? So the Internet, open the QQ, find friends video chat, video normal users can also hear the words, forget the yacht not speak for itself. I have kept this under: the headset is a famous brand, you should not be a problem. Is sponsored by the sound card is broken? Computer voice can be normal again ah. Into the system, “Device Manager”, found that “the voice, video and game controllers” option under the sound card device name for Realtek AC’97. I remember it was ASRock 845PE should be Cmedia AC’97 soft sound card with you. Appears to be sound card drivers installed wrong, causing the mouth MIC failure. So I let a friend come up with the motherboard driver CD-ROM, to uninstall the original driver, and then install the motherboard built-in sound card driver, restart the machine, try again, problem solving.
Analysis of reasons: the current on-board sound cards are generally organized and they are mostly in line with the AC’97 specification, so there have been driving the situation in general, where the same Cmedia AC’97 soft sound card can also use the Realtek AC’97 driver may be they are not fully compatible, so there was the sound card MIC occurred in normal and I can not use the phenomenon.

Failure II: a computer fault as follows: machine startup sound normal, but entered the game on what voices would have died.

So first check the computer configuration: P4 Celeron 1.4Ghz, non-brand 845GL motherboard (onboard Realtek AC’97 soft sound card), HY DDR266 128MB RAM, ST40GB hard drive, WIN 98 system. Computer starts normally, the speed can be, the system is also relatively stable, and then check the driver settings to normal. Re-use MP3 music player Winamp normal.

A closer look at: a friend to play the game despite the modest allocation of machines, but they need the support of DirectX 6 or more to run, and the Winamp player to play music you do not need DirectX 6 support. So open the DirectX diagnostic tool, indeed DirectX sound card shows an error, then reinstall DirectX 18.1 after the Chinese version of the normal machine.

Analysis of reasons for this: This is a typical case of damage caused by DirectX sound card documentation error, the solution is to re-install DirectX.

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