After the installation of sound card driver error solution

The question: can not play MIDI or the use of MIC a multimedia computer, configured to VXpro motherboard, K5 133CPU, 32MB EDO RAM, S3Trio64V + display card (memory to 2MB), 2.1GB hard disk Feet, AL007 Plug and Play sound card, 8x CD-ROM high-Homestead. Windows2000 start when entering a zone “!” AdvanceSoundSystemDriverAlter the warning dialog box that prompts: “The Sound VxD Version Is Incorrect” (the voice of the virtual device driver version of error). Click “OK” button to enter the rear Windows2000 three main interface, can run XING, “super king” and “multimedia players” to play VCD, CD, but missing the bottom right corner of the small speakers, and no sound output. MP3 player with music, display a warning dialog box: “MMSYSTEM002 equipment identification number has exceeded the scope of the system,” according to the “OK” button can not quit, can only use Ctrl + Shift + Del to close the procedure. However, under DOS normal CD players and MIDI music.

I asked in detail about the user was informed that, the system has been used to normal, but users found in the DOS environment Windows2000 running KKND silent, then in the DOS environment Windows2000 running DOS sound card AL007 Setup Dosinst.exe, causing start Windows2000 when “Msgdrv32” prompt box shows: “The program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If you still have questions, please contact the program vendor.” Click on “details” button, indicating: “Msgdrv32 general protection error occurred, is located in the module Mmsystem.dll … …”, then click the “off” button system to stop working, using Ctrl + Shift + Del to activate “Close Programs” dialog box Tip: “Mprexe did not respond to” click “End Task” button does not work, only click on the “off” button shutdown. Since then unable to enter the Windows2000. The user then re-installed Windows2000, although access to Windows2000 to run a variety of procedures, but the result of the above silent fault. To address this situation, first of all into the C: \ windows \ system directory, with the sound card AL007 nine documents related to (Al *.*) out of the directory, and then restart, follow the prompts to re-install the sound card drivers, and in accordance with Start when prompted to delete the C: \ windows \ system.ini file [6Enh] columns in the following three lines:
Device = ALSNDSYS.386
Device = ALOPL386
Device = ALMPU401.386
After troubleshooting.

Second problem: in a variety of operating system are not the normal sound card installed, and computer sound card is installed in other normal.

Should first check whether the computer infected with a virus, with the latest antivirus software to check, to exclude the effects of a virus factors, the main consideration improper CMOS settings and the conflict between the hardware, it should be carefully re-check all CMOS of settings are appropriate, and the PNP focused on the IRQ settings. Ensure that all the IRQ settings for the “PCI / ISA PNP”, to check whether the card is not compatible with the sound card problem, can try for a video card, sound card because it appeared most vulnerable to resource conflicts. If this does not succeed, that is, between the motherboard and sound card there are compatibility issues, only to find a replacement of permit dealers.

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