The use of CD-ROM installation guide Raid (sata) drivers

Said before, and now CD-ROM integrated sata, raid like driving, is already very common, of course, this is all DIY integrated system tray, unless their own integrated, or the source of confusion, content unknown, it is inevitable that some feeling of unease . Original CD-ROM, of course, there are ways to install these drivers had.

Apart from using the floppy drive to load, but also CD-ROM can be used to load sata, raid, such as interface drive through U disk loading, this also need to practice, and nearly got paragraph MaxDOS + WinPE to guide the production of U-disk package, has been used very comfortable, and use this against us if integrated into the server to install the above, no doubt more convenient, more powerful, and now so far not in the server-class hardware to test, does not mean that will not do, are interested, you can try again, the message up.

CD-ROM to install sata, raid, such as driver interface is basically to say, nothing more than the following two methods for the practice of my colleagues, I am here to be recorded after the backup.

First, contact intel engineers, given solution: enter the intel official website intel Server Board S5000VSA latest bootable CD-ROM img files, burn discs, the bootable CD-ROM guide to install the system, no floppy drive installed raid. The drive relatively large, relatively prosperous and the other intel, which normally does not address failure.

image file download Address:

Second, the specific steps:

1, to Intel’s motherboard website Raid driver. (then end with a number of download address)
2, will be the existence of local GenerateDriverDiskISOv11.rar attachments and extract to a directory;
3, will download the driver extracted to this directory “EXTRACT YOUR DRIVER HERE” directory;
4, run batch file GenerateDriverDisk.bat;
5, this directory will generate a driverdisk.iso documents;
6, this document driverdisk.iso burn CDs;
7, put this CD-ROM drive and guide Add Server server;
8, when the SMB (Smart Boot Manager) successfully loaded, remove the CD-ROM;
9, Add windows 2003 CD-ROM, and then choose from a CD-ROM inside SBM start (if they can not start, try a few more);
10, if the windows 2003 installation program can be installed directly on the start (do not need to press F6 to load drivers)

This tool is in some particular operating system can not run or run a failure, for example, windows2003 server, this tool in Windows XP generated the iso image file.

This method is suitable for any of the SCSI or Raid floppy drive installation.

Decompression GenerateDriverDiskISOv11.rar

intel raid driver download:

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