Official HP6530S notebook drive invalid solution

A few days ago, the maintenance of Hewlett-Packard 6531s wrote a very few logs, the main course is really are some twists and turns, although the problem-solving problems, I felt much better than this, but the process of exploration is very grueling; the HP 6530s sound card installation is also some trouble, the key is the official sound card driver installation prompts invalid, I do not know why people get dizzy, hard to find a “Hewlett-Packard HP Presario CQ20 sound card driver” is to hear voices.

Reinstall the 6530s when Hewlett-Packard is also the ghost of the system, after consideration, may be to blame ghost system. After installation, the official search for the HP drive, in the “drive and download” page, find the 6530S, the results have to select the appropriate operating system, that is, “Microsoft Windows XP Professional”, from the search results to download the motherboard, sound card and NIC drivers, installation; motherboard drive and network card drivers to install it very smoothly, and the resumption of normal after the local connection, the Internet has been OK, the voice on the left. May be prompted to install the sound card driver does not apply when the system failed to install. True halo, official of the driver, did not fit?

Did not have to say, found it! Listening to friends to reflect, “Hewlett-Packard HP Presario CQ20 sound card driver” fit, compared to see relevant information:

Sound card chip: Analog Devices AD1984A @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 – High Definition Audio Controller
Hardware ID: HDAUDIO FUNC_01 & VEN_11D4 & DEV_194A & SUBSYS_103C3037 & REV_1004
WINXP driver version: 05/27/2008,
VISTA Driver Version: 04/11/2008,

The driver installation instructions, the specially marked, if it is WINXP system, need to install the UAA driver and patch KB88811 and Microsoft patch, and then start the installation drive, HDMI sound card already in the graphics card driver package inside, please point to graphics driver package can.

Do not have to speak directly after downloading the installation restart, really can be.

HP 6530s

HP 6530s

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