CMI8378 sound card drivers installed to solve the problem of blue screen

Now many of the CD-ROM version of the ghost have been a lot of common integration drive, and the majority of drivers are Microsoft-certified version of WDM, problems with the sound card technology is getting more mature, less and less; but the graphics and sound card , The classic blue screen or in some cases because the driver would not be appropriate from time to time arise, CMI sound card installed in the drive when the drive is installed as the blue screen error, a hard-won right.

Integrated motherboard sound card does not work, the silent people in the world is difficult, taking advantage of technology to the market over the weekend, "Amoy" of an independent sound card, spent 28 yuan, the 8738 graphics chip. However, we find this drive to install the sound card compatibility of the poor, half of each driver to install on the blue screen, built-in CD-ROM drive, not the use wizard-driven automatic search is not out of line to drive home Not a few lines, after several attempts, finally found a suitable version of the driver and the driver of a small size, only 2M points.

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CMI8378 sound card driver download local forest blog:

CMI8378 sound card driver download live space: 7C_CMI8738% 7C_drv% 7C_ forest blog. Rar

CMI8378 sound card driver download box space:

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