Limited edition classic IBM S30 graphics cards installed in 2003 under the drive to resolve the blue screen

As a driver operating system and hardware peripherals bonds, an irreplaceable important role, but in many cases, drivers will encounter the total installed a lot of problems; such as former AD188X sound card installed sound card driver after the blue screen Resolve to deal with, [manually install the sound card driver to resolve AD188X tornado 03serversp12.4 blue screen version of the sound card problem, why would Windows 2K/XP blue screen and so on, IBM 30, as the early IBM-light special representative of the limited edition collection , Installed in the win 2003, the graphics driver is always a problem, caused by a blue screen, a hard drive, only to solve the problem.

Please do not think IBM is the IBM 30 new models, this notebook now appears that the old could not the old configuration, but if you are just a collection of this notebook, so please continue to collections, after IBM’s development history , Will continue to bring this notebook. Some people are more likely to be paying a high price to make this limited edition collection to buy this classic!

◢ IBM S30 ◢ Pentium III600 ◢ 256M memory ◢ 20G hard disk ◢ 56K cat ◢ 10/100M LAN ◢ USB interface, infra-red 1394 interface ◢ ◢ 4M independent ◢ PC graphics card interface plus CF card interface ◢ 10.4 "TFT true color;

IBM S30 can be said that IBM is the originator of thin-and-light notebooks, IBM’s early years the number of notebook a bit bulky, though performance has been very strong, but the beauty seems to be missing a number of the total, S30 to change the appearance of this, S30 is the first use of IBM B5-size notebook design, IBM can be the size of B5’s eldest son. At that time, S30 as a result of both aesthetic and performance, coupled with outstanding mobile performance of the industry has been widely praised. In fact, S Series notebook was also the IBM X series of thin-and-light notebook prototype, IBM was due to the development of the X series and thus decided to abandon the development of the S Series, S30 become the last of the S series orthodox blood. ThinkPad S30 surface smoothness and high-quality stand out at the same time with the strength of thin degrees are not inferior to other materials.

Play a lot of friends in the book may be aware that the IBM Corporation introduced this special commemorative edition of the S30 series of notebook computers, IBM was prepared as a light main product, but because of its high manufacturing costs and other reasons, and only a few Limited area available for sale.
IBM 30 installed win 2003, the card is installed in the drive when I met some trouble, try a variety of graphics card drivers installed in 2003 will be on the blue screen, hardware acceleration is not able to open the largest, was finally found on a Web site in English The old version of the driver, download a trial, totally normal! No blue screen, to speed up the largest, dxdiag, Channel 7, 8, 9 performance test CD do not have any problem (than 2000 and XP only 7.8-channel open even better!)

Powered by deliberately IBM 30 graphics driver to download:

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