Hp 6531s battle to install xp and 2003 by the IDE to AHCI mode

Hewlett-Packard (hp) 6531s used the chipset is: Intel PM45 + ICH9M, blue screen to install the system, the end justice was due to the motherboard chip is used in ich9m chipset, as long as this problem resolved, on the blue screen is not a problem. 

Several said yesterday that the relevant hp 6531s to install xp system in 2003, as well as server versions of the operating system, encountered several problems, notebook windows 2003 R2 SP2 systems to address the Blue Screen of serial SATA drives installed, the settlement of Hewlett-Packard (HP) 6531s when the notebook to install XP Blue Screen of the AHCI issue, Hewlett-Packard HP6531s install win2003 unknown when the device driver installation was right and some messy, and specifically point out, this “first through the IDE mode to install the system, and then revised to AHCI mode” approach and the need to Drive and related software, respectively, to clear out for the future to solve the problem, after ich7, ich9, ich10 this chip equipment has become more and more common, this problem is bound to be more and more. 

Hewlett-Packard and installation methods to solve (HP) 6531s, when the notebook to install XP Blue Screen of AHCI almost the same problem, but that is for the hp550, the forest is a personal blog in the 6531s under the measurement. 

The first step: IDE mode, or WINXP installed WIN2003; 

Step 2: Download IMSM driver and the implementation of pre-installed scripts, downloads Address: http://www-900.ibm.com/cn/support/download/attachment/XJCI-6N5C5P/79im06ww.exe; download less than the requested Download the use of Thunder, the log will be provided at the end of the annex to download directly click to download; 

Step three: Run “79im06ww.exe”, the script will be to extract the C: \ DRIVERS \ WIN \ IMSM \ PREPARE directory, the script used to avoid the switch to the IDE in AHCI mode after the blue screen system. 

Step four: as a result of this script is designed to provide THINKPAD notebook motherboard used, it must first make some corrections before they can use in your notebook, use Notepad to open C: \ DRIVERS \ WIN \ IMSM \ PREPARE \ IMSM_PRE.INF, Notepad with the “replacement” will feature the original ICH7M chipset AHCI the number of equipment 27C5 all HP6531s replace the equipment AHCI No. 2929 (hp6531s happened ich9m is also used in chipsets); 

Attention: HP550 using GM45 + ICH9M chipset, AHCI number of equipment for 2929; other equipment AHCI chipset code: ICH6R: 2652, ICH7R/DH: 27C1, ICH7M: 27C5, ICH9R: 2922, if your chipset is not over List, you need to go to the google. 

Save all of the replacement, double-click the implementation of the next INSTALL.CMD, after the successful implementation of the script can restart the computer, into the CMOS mode IDE will be amended to AHCI mode. 

System will be prompted to enter a new hardware device, I test the xp sp3 is installed directly sata2-ICH9M-driven, but in 2003, has prompted drivers can not find the need to manually designate, I might not have tested many times in xp Already in the pre-IDE mode to install such a driver, although not installed successfully, but the driver files have been copied to the system folder, only to the xp system under his direct find and install the correct driver sata2-ICH9M; 

Server system in 2003, prompted the installation of new hardware, to the point prior to the C: \ DRIVERS \ WIN \ IMSM \ PREPARE, will not do; and then to point to on-line rumors of extracting sp36131.exe directory or on; finally found on the Internet A “intel_msm_flpy_8501032_32” download, the only driver to install correctly on this later this log file also be available for download. 

 The installation is complete restart the computer, open the system into the Start menu – program-Intel ® Matrix Storage Manager, see “Advanced Mode” will be able to check whether the AHCI mode, as follows, showing the serial ATA model in the work of “second-generation “, And this right. 

Before talking about laptop windows 2003 R2 SP2 system to solve serial SATA drive to install the blue screen, measured through the forest blog, not suitable for Hewlett-Packard 6531s, the program only as a reference. 

In addition the provision of HP Compaq 6531s notebook computer (recommended installation) chipset driver (Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH9 for Microsoft Windows Vista), the good, this is the vista version: http://h30445.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq / sp39001-39500/sp39317.exe 

Trying to find illustrations, found a floppy-free-free re-open AHCI sina, the analysis also true that recommendation. 

win2003 under sata second-generation driver (at least in this case, including the ich9m) Download: intel_msm_flpy_8501032_32.rar 

IDE avoid AHCI mode switch to the system after the blue screen appears essential for download: 79im06ww.rar 

The above-extracting file password: http://www.linwan.net.cn/archives/3138.html

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