After the ghost sound card driver to install quietly but normal best practices

Best practice is used for the installation CD-ROM, re-install the system, whether it is used for the installation of the system or the version of the ghost-for-use version can be. 

Today, Toshiba A10 S169 redo the system, originated as a result of my colleagues too avast monitoring system is too slow, it stopped on the monitor, but this morning the use of computers, they found that Tencent QQ security alert prompted four stolen The process of running horse, killing it? Sure, but can not kill In addition, the prompt resumption of the request, after the restart to clear away; in the Task Manager, to figure out the end of the name of the exe file name, but after a while also running a number of other named Exe of the process, the moment also changed once the virus has become smarter, they made the virus, more and more of the Gui Lingjing; this clever effort to make damn used to it, on this point of the Offer . 

360 Guard download, install directly chosen “to continue the installation of” no killing it in advance, but finished the installation of 360 security after the defender, 360safe.exe process does not start, in the process of memory is no longer occupied by 16K to start, suspicion Has been to block the virus. To restart in Safe Mode, still unable to start up 360 security guardian; re-install 360 security defender, did not choose to install directly, but rather to allow the installation of 360 before the killing about, really, in the system32 directory found csrss.exe , HB *. dll, and so on at the beginning of more than 20 horses, including the back door, steal passwords, such as name, and also in the “horse business” (Trojan War camp and battle horse camp). Forest at this time to do a blog was the wrong move some looks; 

Viruses are generally prefer system32 directory, use Explorer to open system32 directory by date to see the new document produced. Found a lot at the beginning of HB *. dll files, system files with a glance out the non-system files, and then determine the date of the adoption, are in the morning after the start, there is no upgrade over Microsoft’s patch system, it can be assumed that the Is the virus file documents. Ntfs format is a district system, said before that if the virus can not delete files, delete files or viruses, will re-create a file with the name of the virus, this time through the NTFS file permissions function to these All documents in the “safe” option, for all the “refusal” out, this is the case, even if the virus also exists, but it has been very slightest move. Forest operations in the blog this step, the starting point is wrong, but because of the virus are too many documents, sort through the date when the crucial landing system files have to be “refused to” go in, which occurred in the “one-stop problem windows Check the correct machine permit, “I do not remember the Prohibition of oembios.bin document, but the ban on other file system (the system will also file with the system start-up, shutdown and change, and change the file was last modified in order to Time to judge, do not consider), is still in the resumption of the system, no longer be able to enter the landing system, landing at the interface on a password prompt “a question of the right windows to stop the machine of License checks.” 

Fortunately, the notebook is a two-installed operating system into win2003, Qu Xiaodiao would like to have been “refused” files, but did not prompt authority to amend, which has been difficult. 

There is no way for PE CD-ROM with the depth of your computer, the backup area C, re-xp system with the CD-ROM is a relatively early stage of the computer’s ghost 5.0 Special Edition version of the installation soon, after the installation of 360 guardians of the security system upgrade patch, Goodfellas , To install the patch 88, while using a fiber-optic lines 10M, is also used to install more than 2 hours, but later found that although the sound card drivers installed (the show is “soundmax integrated digital audio” sound card), But that is not remain silent; to the Toshiba A10 Toshiba’s Web site to download the official sound card driver, remained silent after installation, on-line search to find relevant “Analog Devices AD1888 @ Intel 82801DB ICH4 – AC’97 Audio Controller [B-0] PCI driver” The sound card driver, who was a lot of tips, and has prompted Realtec AC97 driver, the installation of such a drive, the system prompts blue screen “portcls.sys error”, so it seems to die absolute ac97. 

As the ghost xp sp2 system, it is not considered as HD audio bus driver caused it? (HD system to resolve bus drivers and the Realtek HD Audio sound card drivers installed on the conflict XP SP3Sigmatel HD Audio sound card driver patch), downloaded the Microsoft patch KB888111, and direct it better for the installation of sp3 won, with the rise prior to the installation of sp3 ” Windows to prevent a problem in the right permit inspection of the machine, “the lessons, so winxp sp3 to download the patch at the same time, download a oembios.bin on the system32 directory, the installation of sp3, it took nearly an hour to install End After the installation of a ie8 beta2 (recently ie7 loopholes do much worse) can be installed after the restart sp3 system, the system remains silent, re-install the sound card driver, still silent. 

win2003 under the sound card driver is “soundmax integrated digital audio”, and by optimizing the master of sound Backup Drive, in xp under normal installation, but silent, with Toshiba official driver installation is silent, through which a toss of the above, Efforts so nearly a day before they feel that this particular version of the computer company ghost xp sp2 system is the problem, the absolute hopeless. 

On-line search on “blue screen sound card”, “sound a silent ghost” and other keywords, found that many of these problems, there are many solutions, nothing more than to uninstall the original drive out to re-install the correct driver, or ghost prompts to install the system when the driver chose not to install (often playing the online system will also remember that when the d0z this issue, but later amended immediately upgrade), although these methods can really try, but the forest in the blog has experienced a number of This phenomenon, that this type of meet, the best approach is to “re-install the system” and not a waste of time and now, after all, hardware configuration, it will be able to redo the system faster to solve the problem. Of course, if we can advance a good backup system, which is not a problem. 

Finally, re-use of the depth of ghost 6.0 to install the system, all OK. 

To explore the question of the spirit is commendable, but it’s a waste of time for the day, it is not desirable, worth ah!

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